Thursday, March 28, 2013

MEL BROWN TRIBUTE FILM talks with Rob Ring about his film project dedicated to the legendary Mississippi blues master - the late Mel Brown. 

Mel Brown was a master musician, a musician's musician. He was able to charm the souls of any listeners who wanted to vibe on his guitar riffs or twinkle to his ivory key strokes. I even had the privilege to witness Mel play a harp one night and like an old world snake charmer, he had the audience trapped in his voodoo blues spell.

This CBBlues stream includes the trailer of the film, my interview with Rob Ring and some memorable photos of the man = Mel Brown. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Ben Harper teams up with Blues Hall of Fame winner Charlie Musselwhite on a new collaboration CD called - Get Up!

Harper has been getting close to Musselwhite for a number of years. He was a guest on Musselwhite’s earthy blues CD called Sanctuary in 2004.

It seems that all the critics are loving this CD and their touring is getting lots of attention. Harper's loves the blues heavyweights and his association with Charlie Musselwhite is yet another great example of how the blues generation passes on its music to the next.