Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Ben Harper teams up with Blues Hall of Fame winner Charlie Musselwhite on a new collaboration CD called - Get Up!

Harper has been getting close to Musselwhite for a number of years. He was a guest on Musselwhite’s earthy blues CD called Sanctuary in 2004.

It seems that all the critics are loving this CD and their touring is getting lots of attention. Harper's loves the blues heavyweights and his association with Charlie Musselwhite is yet another great example of how the blues generation passes on its music to the next.

Ben Harper's slick soul music has one foot in the blues and by attaching himself to the deep blues of Musselwhite is a good career move. And - on the flipside, Musselwhite is inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of Harper and his fans. It is just amaziing how Musselwhite can keep up with this young cat - nose to nose out on the road, nightly concerts, media interviews and late nights.

VIDEO - This is a short but insightful interview - Charlie is so smooth and he laughs about his first ever gig with the Muddy Waters. Harper admits that their collaboration was just "waiting to get out" and was very productive.

VIDEO - This live-on-stage showcases the showmanship style of Charile Musselwhite who is very relaxed on stage. Charlie is always smiling and playing with ease, while Harper is always concentrating on his singing and performing.

VIDEO - Ben Harper is a multi-talented performer as well as a two-time Grammy Award winner, winning awards for Best Pop Instrumental Performance and Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album, in 2005. 

I love the video and performance below - Harper's soulful singing is ever present on this song, which is a single from their new CD. Charlie's harmonica adds that "other world" layer to the track and for a hardworking bluesman of his age - it still has a sweet sound.

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