Monday, April 22, 2013


CBBlues Network, the Costa Blanca's only social network dedicated to the Blues, will also be bringing light to local literature. 

The CBBlues hosts - Tom Poole and his band TRUE BLUE will open up the party with their brand of boogie and blues plus they always bring a special guest or two.

Then Costa Blanca author * Norman MacRitchie Reeley will read from his new thrilling novel.



-back of the book-

What are the elements that dictates one's destiny? Is there room for speculation, that some higher force directs our fate? Could there be something, some unknown element, within the Scottish Highland mists predetermining the destiny of three young boys?

The year is nineteen hundred and eighty-five. One year after the bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton which almost wiped out Margaret Thatcher´s entire Cabinet, the IRA have an opportunity for another spectacular atrocity.
The Cold War is still at its height. NATO is about to launch the biggest ever, Europe-wide, Soviet Attack War Simulation. Based at Faslane, in Scotland, HMS Resolution, one of Great Britain´s Polaris Ballistic Missiles Nuclear Submarines, has a key role in the War Games Simulation.

The convergence and crossing of the life paths of three young boys, born on the same day, but thousands of miles apart, provides the conduit for a joint ETA and Provisional IRA attack with Global peace implications.

Malevolent  Karma is a very human story of love, manipulation and betrayal wrought by cynical adults upon the innocent naivety of innocent young boys.

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