Saturday, October 26, 2013


The challenge to bring a blues picnic to the Costa Blanca had its day on the 26th of October as over 150 ticket purchasing guests brought food, families and fun to LLiber's country house, Mas la Pau for a 4 hour long party.


The weather could not have been more perfect as the event opened up under Mediterranean blue skies with the blues grooves being laid down by one of the Costa Blanca's hardest working blues band - namely the Working Party Blues Band. Blues standards were mixed with some smooth R&B and a dash of 70'S rock to round out a fabulous set.

After a short break, the crowd was riveted to the bluesy, classic rocky and folksy tunes performed by the Graham Foster Trio. Monster guitar riffs were countered by an extended drum solo that ended in a giant climax that had the crowd to their feet and going wild.

Other strange and wonderful happenings keep popping up, to the delight of everyone, including a 3-way birthday celebration. Cake was presented and Happy Birthday was sung to three smiling folks from the crowd who were totally surprised by the celebration gesture. Even the cake had blue icing as it was a blues picnic birthday cake that was prepared by the house.

Carol from Guardian Angels came to the stage to talk about the charity's aim to raise money for school books to help off set the costs for single parents. A sexy calendar was presented as a fundraiser item and copies were sold to help the cause.

The finale saw that merger of the two performing bands. They rounded out the day with a few familar songs that brought the tone of the day down smoothly.

An extreme surprise that suprised all of us - was when comedian and singer - Kelly Fox - got up from the audience and performed two ripping and outrageous versions of blues standards. It was an over-the-top performance!

All in all, the day ran like clock-work. Helen King was a star. Not only did she pull this day together but she played bass in her band, served cake, put up balloons, charmed and hostessed her way into the hearts of the crowd.

NOTE: There were a lot of people taking photos and videos and it would be so great if you could send in your photos to - NEWS@CBBLUES.COM - so they can be posted in our PHOTO ALBUM.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Saturday, October 26th from
will see the very first Blues Picnic shake, boogie and bebop on the Costa Blanca. Setting up stakes at the rural retreat country house of Mas la Pau - in Liber, blues fans will be treated to a family day full of live blues music and dancing in this amazing private location.

The Blues Picnic will feature the Graham Foster Trio and its hosts are the regional blues band - Working Party Blues Band. Lead guitarist Mike Conn tells CBBlues readers and fans all about his passion for the blues and how he got started in music. 

BLUES PICNIC * Tickets are going at a steady rate for this event - so register now - here is the link!!
Bring your own folding chairs, blankets and picnic basket of goodies or enjoy some lovely food prepared by the Mas la Pau people!



Lead guitarist for the Working Party Blues Band

* Name: Mike Conn
* Living: Villalonga, near Gandia
* Roots: Bristol
* Married: yes
* Children: No
* How Long in Spain: Nearly twenty years



Keyboards for the Working Party Blues Band


* Name:   David Alan Robinson
* Location Living: Javea
* Roots: Barnoldswick, Yorkshire (old West Riding of)
* Married: Yep
* Children: 2 sons
* How long on the Costa Blanca: a year



Drummer for the Working Party Blues Band

* Name:  Terence Alan Hayes
* Location Living: La Font De'n Carros
* Roots:  South East London
Married:  40 Years so far
* Children:  2 sons, Sam & Jamie
* How long on the Costa Blanca:  10 years



Helen King has had many roles in her life but the one personality that suits her own private nature is a musical one. Since becoming a bass player of her own design and keeping the rhythms for the Oliva-based blues band namely the Working Party Blues Band, Helen is having fun!

When I was able to finally catch up with this wonder woman, we chatted about our mutual love and respect for the blues genre and how we wish to be rich and bring all types of blues legends here to the Costa Blanca. We also exchanged information relating to health issues and embracing natural solutions when possible. We also had a great time taking photos of Helen and her bass guitar.

In this interview, Helen shares her knowledge and enthusiasm for music and how she ended up in Spain. Plus, some of the fun results of our photo shoot are here for your enjoyment. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


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CBBlues fans and friends were treated to a rare and special show on the 9th of October at Platinos at the beach in Javea. 

The Reverend Richard John was in the region, playing normal night time gigs up and down the coast, however for our society of blues aficionados he performed a wild and ripping lunchtime gig.

For those of you who do not know of the Reverend Richard John, he is a unique bluesman.

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Following in the traditions of the US delta Mississippi cotton farm entertainers, RRJ keeps the beat on a box, while belting out melodies on a variety of guitars. To enhance the show RRJ blasts out even more notes on his harmonicas and whines out words giving the blues a "hurting and haunting" quality.

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Needless to say, it was a show that got the crowd to their feet and dancing in the middle of the day. Everyone enjoyed themselves and was begging for more.

RRJ gave two encores and then posed for a photo with some of our subscribers.

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Two members of the local blues band - THE WORKING PARTY
BLUES BAND got up on stage and performed a wee tune and promoted an event that they are hosting - THE BLUES PICNIC * 26TH OCTOBER * featuring THE GRAHAM FOSTER TRIO * LOCATION - Lliber @ Mas de Pau - 10 EUROS and kids under 11 are FREE * Here is the Ticket Reservation Form link -

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013



Don't Miss this Blues Sensation in a very special performance for and CBBlues Network of Friends :)




Q. THE REVEREND RICHARD JOHN - I am sure that everyone asks you about where the "Reverend" part of your name comes from?
Are you a real man of the cloth? or is it a stage name like the Reverend Gary Davis?

A. No - I am not an ordained minister, I just added the title "Reverend" to my christian names out of respect for the Reverend Gary Davies. It was after watching some amazing film footage of him peforming. The emotional effect on his audience was incredible and he was a great influence during my early blues awareness.

Q. You have a real delta sound and style to your music and stage performance, but you are British? How did you become influenced by this rootsy southern United States musical genre?

A. Like many in the 60's - I tried to play guitar in different styles of rock and pop, but I was never comfortable with those styles. Then I tried  blues and found I really enjoyed the feel of playing it, especially the slide. I have had it said that my style is attuned to the delta sound, but I am not really aware of it. 

When I was growing up there were many old blues 78's in the house (I wish I had them now) and they are my earliest memories of music-  so I think that is where the initial influence came from.

Q. How did you end up in Spain?

A. By chance really - I had just sold my house in Essex and bought myself a new car. I advertised my old car for sale in a free ad paper and they sent me a copy of that issue where I spotted an ad for a cave house for sale in Granada. So I took the earliest flight over and bought it. 

It is the best thing I ever did. Spain suits me perfectly.

Q. What do you like best about performing the blues in Spain? Do the Spanish people respond to the genre? 

A. My favorite gig in Spain is in Madrid. It's a tiny underground "dedicated" blues club called La Coquette. Like The Cavern in Liverpool it oozes nostalgia and I am very proud to say I have managed to get a slot there for the last 5 years. 

As in much of Spain, the people who run the club and the regulars who patronise it are also very proud of their blues heritage. It is an exceptional feeling to be even a small part of that.

The spanish response to music is almost always passionate. Blues music is, I think, a very direct form of music, which if played with passion will draw the best out of a spanish audience.