Sunday, October 20, 2013


Keyboards for the Working Party Blues Band


* Name:   David Alan Robinson
* Location Living: Javea
* Roots: Barnoldswick, Yorkshire (old West Riding of)
* Married: Yep
* Children: 2 sons
* How long on the Costa Blanca: a year


Q. Have you always been into blues music or is this something new?

A. I guess I started with rock and roll and the music of the late 50's and early 60's, which was of course strongly blues-based but started listening to and playing hard core blues around age 18. This was of course the time when many original black blues artists toured the UK ( hence the gig with Memphis Slim). The Manhattans always included a few blues numbers in their sets.

I also like Rock, Jazz, Country and Classical and I inherited from a relative a lot of sheet music from the 30's and 40's, which I played on the piano as a kid ( could not afford to buy music so everything else was by ear!) and still like to listen to today.

Q. How long have you been involved in music?
A. I have been in music since I was 7 years old. I learned to play piano accordion (9), piano (11), guitar (13) and blues harp (13) in that order up to age 13.

I began playing the northern working men’s clubs at 15 in country and rock groups with older musicians. I was keyboard player with the Manhattans  in the early 60's and supported many well known recording groups/artists - Kinks, Migil 5, Memphis Slim, Lulu (then 16 and with the Luvvers!) Georgie Fame ( and the Blue Flames at that time).

Venues ranged from large dance halls to cellar clubs. I recorded but had not made a breakthrough by college age so packed it all in to go to University in '64. I didn't play professionally again 'till 2008 in France with a new blues and rock band that we called Vintage.  I did bars, clubs, weddings, etc...  usual stuff and came to Spain a year ago.

Q. What aspects of blues music is appealing to you - and do you have blues musician that you admire? Or another musician.

A. I just like the sound. JLL and Little Richard are piano heroes but they play rock! Also Oscar Petersen, Art Tatum and Thelonius Monk although they are jazz! I can't think of a blues pianist as most blues stars are guitarists - Buddy Guy, Albert King, etc.. I could give you a long list.

A.  How did you end up in Spain?

Q. Retired to SW France - winters too cold so moved South.

Q, Do you have time for any other hobbies?
A. Golf and Investing