Friday, February 21, 2014


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February 21, 2014
by Karla Darocas (

When there is a blue moon on the rise, it is only a matter of time before people are drawn to its brilliance. 

Such is the case with Murcia-based guitarist Austin Slack, a young buck with a blues beat. He is turning-up the boogie with hot riffs and smart note picking. At 14 years of age, Austin is an inspirational force with a magical vibe.

He first played on stage with an English blues guitarist Ian Parker back in July 2011 and as they say, the rest is history.

In this interview, Austin shares his adventures into the world of roots music from Spanish folk to American and English blues classics. He also brings important insights into how the blues music scene is different in Spain.

I encourage readers to view his videos - check link at the end of the interview and people get ready, there is a blue moon arising.
Let's try and get Austin to perform for us at a CBBlues Matinee - very soon!  


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CBBlues:  At what age did you decide to pick up the guitar? And when did you discover the blues?
  • Austin Slack: I first picked up a Spanish guitar when I was 10 playing and started playing with the local "cuadrilla" group - typical Spanish folk music.

    There has always been blues music in my house. My dad promoted lots if international blues artists and British artists.  In Spain the blues scene is different to the UK because the blues scene in Spain is rarely visited by international artists. Plus, a lot of the Spanish bands also sing in Spanish, not English.

CBBlues: What is it about the blues that keeps your attention? Do you know a lot about the history of the blues?
  • Austin Slack: I think the genre Blues can include many different types of music.. Over the years, I have been to various festivals in Spain. I like all the different styles...

    I have learnt about the history of the blues from the internet and playing blues classics with various bands.

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CBBlues: Who are your blues favourites? Any women in that list?
  • Austin Slack: My faves are like most people's - Eric Clapton, John Mayer, BB King, etc..

    I also like Spanish bands like The Bluesfalos and Vargas blues band.

    My fav female player is Susan Tedeschi her band with Derek Trucks. They are fantastic. Hopefully, they will come to Spain soon!

CBBlues: How often do you perform and do you have any trouble with being so young in the bars?
  • Austin Slack: I perform every week with one of my bands. If we don't have gigs we go and play in the streets of Murcia.

    I have been playing in the bars and going to gigs in them for many years and up to now - no problem. hahaha

CBBlues: When you are busking and performing live on the street, do you need a permit to do this in your streets?
  • Austin Slack: In some cities of Spain yes. Murcia no.

CBBlues: What would you say to other young players who feel that if they do not perform in a bar - they are not professional?
  • Austin Slack: It is really important to play in front of anybody and take any opportunity you can to play live.
Photos Courtesy of Bryn Slack (Austin's Father)