Saturday, February 15, 2014

REPORT: CBBlues Valentine's Matinee Turned Up The "Love-Thy-Blues" Factor

by Karla Darocas

Valentines Matinee * Javea * Platinos * February 14th

An absolutely perfect weather day on the Costa Blanca and of course Valentine's Day. However, any day is a good day to love and listen to good blues music.

I now truly believe that Tom Poole as my "music director" was a very wise decision. His knowledge base and contacts adds a ton of weight to the "blues community" mission by bringing some excellent players out of the wood work.

Such was the case on Friday, February 14th at the CBBlues "Valentine's Day:" matinee.

Tom said that there was a UK bluesman- Craig Rhind- only visiting our area for a few days and that we had to have a show right away!! So they rehearsed and I sent out the invites.

For a last minute showcase, it was a freakin' amazing show!!!!
The whole room was in the blues zone!!
Everyone could feel the perfection of the tones and notes all keeping the blues on track.

Craig was a strong stylized blues player who kept both rhythm and beats true to blues form and roots. I hope that we can have him perform for us again on his next vacation to the Costa Blanca. Stay in Touch with us Craig Rhind!


Mike Conn, lead guitarist for the Working Party Blues Band turned up with axe in hand and proceeded to dig deep into some exciting blues riffs. This was followed by a smooth-edged blues ballad for all the lovers in the house.


Billie Cook was there. This amazing woman is a 36 year resident of Jávea and photographer, whose photos of Jávea were immortalized in a famous book (pub.1999) written by Charlene Quince about Jávea-Xàbia namely "A Year in the Life of a Spanish Town".

Billie Cook is 81 years young and now a fully converted blues fan. She is also a self-taught artist and a regular Facebooker.

This letter came in only hours after the showcase...

"We went along to the CCBlues Matinee today and thoroughly enjoyed it.  There seems to be a great pool of talent on the Costa Blanca and to have the chance to listen to quality music like that is excellent.
Keep it up.  We will certainly let some friends know who would appreciate good music like that."

Best wishes,
Lorna O’Connor


Tom and I have been plugging away at building a blues community, scene and magazine for a year now. We both have been struck with bad luck and good luck and we push on!

I can honestly say that we have a great body of friends and followers who are helping to spread the word and keeping it real.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and given us your eyes, ears and hearts to bring some blues music to our doorstep.

Bluesfully Yours,
Karla Darocas, editor / publisher

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