Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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top left - 14 year old blues guitarist - Austin Slack
bottom left - Spain's blues legend Emilio Chicheri
Top right - Chicheri, Slack & German Ramalloo
Middle - Stop Blues Band
Bottom right = Jorge Garcia
The blues musicians from Murcia are ripping and ready to make our Costa Blanca blues event - super special.

The word has spread around Murcia about this very small but dedicated blues social group and webzine who are bring them up to the Costa Blanca for a concert like no other!!

"Cultural activism is not easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it," explain Karla Darocas, co-founder of CBBlues and webzine editor.

"Blues music is a deeply organic and rooted music form that has birthed many other genres of music style from soul to rock and everything in between. It is the perfect music format to unit people of all ages and nationalities," she continues.

CBBlues has gained a small but loyal following on the Costa Blanca since it began over a year ago.

In the photo above are all of the proud blues musician who will be performing at the CBBlues Fiesta * 2nd Anniversary Mojo Party *  special lunch matinee show on May 11th, 2014.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Emilio Martinez Chicheri
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Emilio Martinez Chicheri is a real mojo-man and we are so incredible lucky to have this enigmatic entertainer performing at our CBBlues "MOJO" party.

This legendary singer and songwriter has been bringing the "mojo" to audiences in the Murcia region for the past 4 decades -  often blending rock and flamenco into his blue fusions.

His first band Acequia pioneered a sound that is now called "Murciano Rock".

However, Emilio is best known for his active part in the ultra famous blues act - LOS BLUESFALOS - from 1987 till 2007. Emilio can be heard singing on their recordings. During these years, Emilio attended every music festival in Spain opening up for mega performers such as Joe Cocker, Buddy Guy, John Mayall and many, many more. Emilio still performs with this band, but only 3 or 4 times per year.

Los Bluesfalos
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Today, Emilio leads his own blues band with his long-time collaborator and bad-ass bassman - Jorge García and monster blues guitarist - German Ramallo. Together they are the STOP BLUES BAND.

A regular feature on both television and radio programmes in Murcia, Emilio is a charmer. I caught up with this magic man on Facebook and managed a quick but insightful interview. Here is the translation of that conversation... 10:26am...


CCBLUES: Good morning Emilio. It is so wonderful that you are coming up to perform at our party. I need to inform my people about you.
  • EMILIO: I understand. Go ahead and ask me what you want.

CCBLUES: Who are your favourite blues legends?
  • EMILIO: The blues legends that I like the most are B.B. King, John Lee Hooker or basically classic blues in general. 

CBBLUES: You have a wonderful voice. Did you take lessons when you were younger?
  • EMILIO: No. Never did I take any singing lessons. I started singing when I was very small. 

CBBLUES: How do you get so much emotion into your singing?
  • EMILIO: I do yoga. This helps me with my breathing and this is very important. Blues demands all of my soul and it is pure feelings and magic. Blues is the same as Flamenco.
    I write my own blues songs and make my videos too!

Jorge García with Emilio
- friends for over 35 years
CBBLUES: I like the fact that you do yoga!! You seem to be very healthy and good looking.
  • EMILIO: Yes, but I also have my faults :) lol

CBBLUES: I really like your videos. You seem to be a very fun person and I look forward to meeting you at our party!!
  • EMILIO: Thank you. I like to laugh and I am a good person, however I do like to be a bit evil too :) I look forward to performing at your bar, but I will behave because of the young boy - Austin!

CBBLUES: We are not a bar. We are a social group that love blues music. We are having this party in the back of a local restaurant in the salon - the room for wedding receptions.
  • EMILIO: Ah, very good. 

CBBLUES: What do you think of Austin Slack? Do you believe he has a "natural" talent as a musician?
    Austin Slack
    O: Absolutely!! He is a fabulous kid. When you can make the music your own, that is magic. He is very lucky to have a father that cares about music and makes it easy for him to build his career. Austin is so young, but he is one of us. I am very fond of Austin and his father - Bryn.
    At your event, we will be the ones who accompany Austin. It is a pity that our drummer will not be able to come too!

CBBLUES: What kind of show can we expect?
  • EMILIO: We will be performing blues standards, but I like to make them my own. We will also be performing some of my originals as well as the song designed by our guitarist - German. 

CBBLUES: This is our 2nd Anniversay "Mojo" Party. Do you know this song "Mojo Working" by Muddy Waters?
  • EMILIO: Of course I know it. It is a classic and I always wear my "mojo"!!

CBBLUES: Yes, I can tell by your photos and videos that you are indeed a "mojo man" ;)
Austin & Emilio
  • EMILIO: (Laughing) I am a singer, but I make my prayers before I sing...

CBBLUES: It has been a pleasure to talk with you and learn all about your musical lifestyle.
  • EMILIO: I enjoyed talking with you as well. Karla Darocas, a beautiful name for a song!
    If you need to ask me any more questions, no doubt you have me. I am always available for you. Good health and see you soon.

CBBLUES: Thank you Emilio and see you on May 11th, 2014.