Saturday, May 31, 2014

MOVIE REVIEW: St Louis Blues * 1958

For anyone who loves the blues as much as I do, or is just venturing into this truly American art form for the first time, this is a great movie. 

In this film, the main character is torn between his fathers' devotion to the spiritual music of the church and his own new found love of negro music, which was basically share cropper songs played on old guitars and banjos. 

This main character is W.C. Handy performed by the last great Nat King Cole. 

The film is based on Handy's life and career as a songwriter. The story takes place after he was educated and moved back home to Memphis, Tennessee. When travelling, he discovered the rural music of the southern people and their haunting repetitive passion for 12 bars on the guitar and the key of G.

Those influences inspired Handy to make his own music and the rest if history. The cast of jazz and blues legends, the singing, the music - together aids an an entertaining yet educational experience!

Watch the film and enjoy!
Keep it Real - Karla Darocas, editor / aficionada