Monday, May 26, 2014


"Build it and They Shall Come" was the motto while I was constructing this webzine and it seems that this old Biblical saying is coming true blue.

Meet Anthony Cook, bass player for  the BLACK TONGUED BELLS out of Los Angeles, California. Believe it or not, he has been a subscriber of since the early days. He has a love of Spain and wishes to visit our Mediterranean coast one day in the future. Let's hope he does and we can get him to perform for us!! 

Anthony has submitted a video for our enjoyment. It is called Midnight Porter and is actually sung by one of the bands' back up gospel singers named Louis Cox. 
The song is bluesy and devilish in a way that only the blues can be. According to Anthony, " It is one of the favorites when we play live." "It was done by one of our music industry friends in New Zealand"

Anthony has also submitted two fantastic, wild and stylish songs for the CBBlues JukeBox - FREE to download!!
They are both sung by the bands lead vocalist and songwriter named D. Miner. Check out the gravel and grit in his voice! VISIT the JUKEBOX