Monday, June 30, 2014


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OMG. What a party!! It was a smaller and more intimate crowd, as many regular cbblues fans were on vacation, but the blues fans who came out were really digging the vibes.

Tom Poole had two of his musical friends come and jam with him during the dinner service. Argentinian-born Natiel was there with his rhythm box. This player is a big name in Madrid but we are so lucky that he has decided to come and settle on the Costa Blanca.
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The other friend of Tom's to show up was Craig Rhind. Blues fans out of Leicestershire, England will certainly know of the blues power trio called the DIRTY ROBBERS. This is Craig Rhind's current band, however he has a list of blues performer greats on is own personal roster for whom he has keep the back beat. That list includes Steve Marriott, Dr Feelgood, Carey Bell and Phil Guy (Buddy's brother) Occasional Craig gigs with Steve Gibbons, Eric Bell amd Tony McPhee.

After the lunch service, next up was our special invited performer, all the way from Murcia city, the incredible diverse guitar great - Mr. David Walton and his band including Jesús Luna on drums and Pascual Pérez on bass.

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David lit up the room with his animated songs and staging. He played some of his original tracks from his new CD. He also gave some blues background to the crowd, historical and interesting. This kind of banter is educational and perfect for our club of blues lovers!! He also shared personal insights into his songwriting, which is always a bonus.

We had a lovely break with lots of prizes in the raffle and lots of winners too!!

David and his band mates mingled with the crowd and sold CD's. And then it was time for the second set. David entertained us with some wild finger picking, fantastic fret work, string bending and mind blowing guitar work. Again, his eye contact and interaction with the audience was impeccable.

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Then, just when I thought the show as all over, Tom Poole and Natiel came up and ask to do a final closing song with David. Tom picked up a bass and Natiel jumped onto the drum set and the three of them closed the show with a bang!! Yes! I did say that Tom picked up a bass guitar and played solos alongside David. It was again - mind bending!!

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Thank you to all who made this event very special!!
Karla Darocas, editor (blues junkie)