Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hi Karla,

I’d just like to thank you once again for treating us so well and for creating the conditions for such a great afternoon for us.

We really loved playing for you all and met so many nice people (including your good self!). We felt the concert went very well and that was partially owing to such a welcoming crowd - small but sensitive.

When Tom got up with me to jam 'Rock Me Baby' I nearly dropped the guitar - he’s a great bass player and it was so much fun to jam a classic with him and Nat, who really came alive!

Many thanks, too, for your kind words in the CBBlues review and on the day. I admire what you’re doing up there in Teulada and I hope everyone appreciates the incredible effort you are putting in to 'make it real’ - you’ve really done a great job.

 David Walton - (DAVOID BLUES TRIO) = Murcia City