Monday, August 25, 2014


Debbie Davis on her Fender - click to Enlarge
Debbie Davis is one of the greatest award-winning blues performers in the world today and guess what?? She loves Spain!!

Interview by Karla Darocas

So - we must pull our Mojo hands out of our pockets and get the vibe working in order to get her over to the Costa Blanca for a vacation and some blues workshops and performances!!

Debbie Davis is an easy-going soul with that LA swagger that I loved so much about the people when I lived in California.

Johnny Winter on 70th birthday bash
with Debbie Davis - click to enlarge
Debbie's name is second nature to the blues community in the USA because over the years she has performed with all the blues greats. Here is a VINTAGE VIDEO of a young Debbie kicking out the Black Cat Bone with the late great Albert Collins.

And here is another great VIDEO of Debbie with three-time Blues Music Award winner as Guitar Player of the Year - Ronnie Earl.

In fact, Debbie was performing with the late Johnny Winters on his birthday. VIDEO

Debbie’s 11th solo album on the MC-Records label is called AFTER THE FALL. What a great collection of killer tunes!! Thankfully, her broken arm didn't stop her from getting this collection out into the world.

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And thankfully, one of the reviewers - Wilf Brown who is also a monster Debbie Davis aficionado gave me the CD to enjoy.

He also pointed out to me that back in 2005 Debbie release a track called "Trying To Keep It Real" - sound familiar!! Here is a LINK to that track.

Getting back to AFTER THE FALL - the track - “Done Sold Everything” is a shuffle and my personal favourite in the collection. (See video below) I am a sucker for shuffles and this track has the blues humour that I adore.

Thank you for the blues music - click to enlarge
Debbie's mastery of her Fender is a pleasure. She is so at ease with the instrument and her vocals that the music just flows naturally. You never feel that there are any "gimmics" in her tunes - just straight shooting from the heart blues.

The one thing I hate about some blues players is the way they get so heavy on the strings and when performing a shuffle this is bad, very bad. Not with Debbie, she has a light touch and each note comes sailing through clear as a sunny day.

American Blues Magazine says, "This is a great album to play along with, or sit and enjoy with a good beer (or both)".

For us here on the Costa Blanca - it is a great collection of tunes to enjoy while in the sun, sailing the blue Mediterranean sea and drinking our sangria - Bravo!!

In this interview, Debbie shares her experiences in our country and other interesting facts.


CBBLUES - Have you been to Spain? If so - where did you perform?

  • DEBBIE: - Yes, I’ve been to Spain many times and done tours there.  This was in the '90's and the early 2000's.

    I wish that I could remember all of the names of the places we played, but we based out of Barcelona as this is where our promoter lived.

    I remember lots of driving and lots of beauty and certainly remember towns like Zaragosa, Pamplona, Valencia... I guess if I looked at a map I could jog my memory!

    Our promoter took us through beautiful old cathedrals, up to castles and of course the food was always awesome!

    We climbed up to the top of the church Gaudi built and saw much of his work.

    I remember traveling in the Basque area and performing and driving to the north of Portugal through mountains.  It was all so beautiful!

    I am a native of California so I feel at home in Spain as the weather and topography are so similar.  I speak some Spanish too. My promoter would be constantly correcting me between his Catalonian Spanish and my Mexican Spanish, we had our work to do!  ha ha!

CBBLUES - We are trying to educate the people around our area about the blues, its history and its power as music for real folks...What could you add to this educational process?

  • DEBBIE - I can play a variety of blues styles and my band and I have done clinics so we kind of have ideas about this.

CBBLUES – What age were you when you got the blues bug and when did you go pro??

  • DEBBIE - I always loved the blues but didn't know this at first.  As a child my piano teacher gave us one lesson in boogie woogie piano and this is all I wanted to play...not the classical.

    My dad had a collection of Ray Charles records that were my favorites!

    Then we had what we call the "British Blues Invasion” in the US and I was drawn to the electric blues sounds of Eric Clapton with John Mayall and the Blues Breakers.

    Women didn't play in bands when I was growing up and did not play electric guitar. I got an acoustic when I was 12 but didn't get my hands on an electric until I was older and had a job and could buy one for myself.

    I was always trying to go pro, playing in many bands.  My big break came in the '80's when I joined John Mayall on tour in his wife's band...MAGGIE MAYALL and the CADILLACS.

    Two years later I got the gig with Albert Collins and toured and recorded with him for 3 years. So I went pro in my early 30's.

CBBLUES - What can you say about the nature of blues fans? Can you share a fun story about a fan who adores you and your music?

  • DEBBIE - We love and depend on our fans!  they keep us working!  Once a fan had a tattoo of my face on his arm!

CBBLUES FANS - if you cannot get a Debbie Davis CD - then put your computer onto her YOUTUBE channel and enjoy. Check out some of the Vintage clips - they are totally fantastic! Get to know Debbie and her music so when she comes to visit - we can put a great show together for her - Okay! Tx Karla