Friday, August 1, 2014

VIDEO REVIEW: Andrew Duhon 'Sidestep Your Grave'

Twelve months ago we heard about a young American singer/songwriter who was coming to the Costa Blanca. We duly arrived at El Cid in Benidolieg and were introduced to the talent and music of Andrew Duhon.
His music crosses many boundaries but ‘Sidestep Your Grave’, from 'The Moorings' album demonstrates his understanding of the blues at its best. His 'down and dirty' slide playing compliments the lyrics in one hell of a song. Andrew is a sensitive, inspiring artist who will pull you into his world and you will be reluctant to leave. See Andrew whilst he's in Spain, he's too good to miss.

New Orleans songwriter Andrew Duhon grew up just outside town in Metairie, Louisiana. Though he tried taking piano lessons as a child (his mother had a passing interest in the instrument as well), it wasn't until he had a sports injury in high school that he picked up the guitar and started picking around Andrew moved into the French Quarter - the heart of New Orleans - and was finally able to soak up all the music and culture the city had to offer.

It was then that he began playing electric guitar with his roommate, driving around the state with their music, playing in dive bars. Slowly but surely, Andrew Duhon earned an audience in New Orleans, and self-released his first album - Songs I Wrote Before I Knew You in 2009.

He gathered a band called the Lonesome Crows for that disc's 2010 follow-up, released a record he made live at JazzFest. It was during a trip to Scotland that he started thinking about the mournful melodies inherent in that nation's traditional music.

Of the disc, he says, "I wrote The Moorings after opening for a fiddle player in Glasgow, Scotland. He played lots of old English and Scottish folk songs, and I couldn't get that cadence or that feel out of me. I had a story of leaving with a heavy heart that seemed to fit, so I just sang my story with seafaring imagery, and it came along fairly naturally."

Andrew is again appearing at the EL CID in Benidoleig on August 8th. If you’re lucky, you may still be able to get tickets. You will not be disappointed.

Video Review by WilfRaydo

Andrew Duhon With Maxwell Zandy on drums & Myles Weeks on upright bass Performs 'Sidestep Your Grave'