Wednesday, October 22, 2014


What a show!!
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The CBBlues Matinee featured Spain's 30 year veteran blues harmonica king - Danny Boy Sanchez (member of the Valencia Blues Society). I have seen and hear the best in Blues harmonica players from the USA and Canada but Danny Boy was my first blues harmonica experience in Spain.

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Danny Boy commanded the band like an orchestra leader. He took the players - whom he had never met before - into big introductions, softer features and solos and rounded up each song with the big blues finales like the bad blues acts from Chicago.

All of the positive accolades that I had heard from radio hosts and reviewers were all true. He is without a doubt the King!

He can master all the unique techniques that you hear in the likes of Sonny Boy Williamson and ** . He was slurring and bending notes, tongue blocking and lip pursing like the pro that he is.

I was extremely please to capture one of the most iconic moment in our CBBlues history on video.

In one clip I was able to capture both the blues roots phenomenon of the "call and response" tradition and the train to freedom tradition.

The slave workers in the cotton fields of the grand plantation of the southern states of America would be able to turn their time into song. A leader would ask his worker choir to repeat his callings with their responses to either mimic or add their own expressions. This pervasive pattern of speech was brought over from Africa where they still use this musical expression in public gatherings where there are discussions on civic affairs, or in religious rituals.
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Every blues harmonica showman in the big legendary American circuits launch into a locomotive mode whereby the man and his harp take on the metaphysical form of a turn-of-the-century train.

In blues tradition the railway was a exit to freedom for blues entertainers who needed to leave the plantation or farms in order to make more money or escape to freedom from slavery. The train is a metaphor of freedom.

However, the harmonica, a great traveling instrument, could be blown in such a way to mimic the sounds of the train coming into the station, picking up speed as it goes down the tracks and of course returning to the station.

This video, not professional but just a documentation - showcases both of these blues traditions.

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I was also very proud of our regional CBBlues musical performers who accompanied Sonny Boy.

Of course, our very own CBBlues magicman - Tom Poole - was grinning from ear to ear with happiness as his blues guitar licks and slide sensations scorched over the strings.

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Denia-based drummer - Alvero Diez proved his backbone brownie points by being on point at all times and keeping the rhythm uptempo or smooth depending on the tradition that the blues song entailed. He also took great direction from Sonny Boy and Tom and his solos brought down the house.

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Oliva-based Brad Marriner proved his worth as a professional musician and stepped up the challenge of being our base player for the show. Aside from keeping the bassline in blues order, Brad gave some really outstanding solos that had the crowd cheering.

Verde Maria was with us again. She turns up every now and then to play percussion and add a bit of beauty and colour the band of manly men!

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After the main performance and before the raffles, I gifted Danny Boy with my original painting, which was the root of the posters. Again, this is another tradition to reward your blues veterans who have keep the tradition music alive. However, this tradition is not practiced in Spain - until now!

After the finale,  I asked the crowd to chant for Brad Marriner to bring up his ukulele and play a couple of tunes. This he did and all the room sang along. It was an unforgettable folky moment in time!!
Here is the LINK to the VIDEO

Big thanks you to everyone who helped make this event a roaring success!


Thank you to everyone who offered feedback either in quotes or by uploading and sharing their photos


Fantastic afternoon entertainment. Danny Boy Sánchez amazing and all the musicians. Thanks for arranging this great event. Look forward to coming along to other musical events and hopefully see Danny Boy Sánchez again.
- Andrea & Tony Katz


Hi Karla:
Fun afternoon, thanks! Great sound.... Danny Boy really made everything 
bop! Hope to see him again sometime.
I thought Tom Poole was going to topple over backwards at one point - he's obviously very supple - lol. Never thought I would see Luis (owner of Bar Mediterraneo) bouncing around - sorry, I mean dancing... !)
I'm sure you got plenty of good feedback.
- Regards, Sue :)


It was a fabulous afternoon of Blues...can't wait for the next one! Thanks Karla xx
- Maureen Butterfield


Hi Karla - here are our photos that we took at your marvelous event:
Regards Peter 


Good and marvellous morning, Karla !
I certainly WAS most delighted to meet you in person, and to live a magnificent experience both at the concert and in your and your husband's delicious company!!!
Such a great weekend!!!! I feel like "la niña mimada del Universo" , as I like putting it = the spoilt child of the Universe .
Thank you so much for everything!!!!!
Hugs and kisses!!!!!!!
- Kalina Petrova Konstantinova