Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Report by Karla Darocas

Authors * Jana Petken & Ray Wilcox

The weather on the Costa Blanca was as perfect as a picture for the fans who turned out on October 19th Sunday at the CBBlues main headquarters in Teulada at Bar Mediterraneo.

It was the ultimate of literary mingle and mix with books, authors, writers and publishers. The networking opportunities were dedicated people of the page. I overheard publishing deals being made and outlines of books still in draft being told. There were not too many "non-booky" people in attendance but it was our first literary event and we laid the groundwork and attracted the sponsors and media that we need to launch another literary event in the future.

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Special guest speakers were - 2 time author Jana Petken. She told us about her books and her successes, along with some other funny tales and adventures.

First time author Ray Wilcox shared his new experiences with being an author and the learning rules of the road.

I even got to share words and tears about my e-cookbook that was transformed into a real book by UP Publications Ltd. Tears because the woman who pushed me to create the cookbook died suddenly and never saw this release!! However, I did sell out of my cookbooks and the publisher was very happy! She even won the raffle prize - one of my paintings. It was all good vibes!!