Saturday, November 29, 2014


Everyday I discover more about The Valencia Blues Society. I know now that it is not just for Spanish blues musicians, as I thought, but also includes an international mix.  One of its members is turning up the boogie and bringing his brand of UK bluesmanship to the Valencian capital.

UK bluesman Paul Tidiman has “blown” his way into the Valencia blues scene and can be seen turning up the heat with CBBlues friend and fellow Valencia Blues Society member Danny Boy Sánchez.

Paul can also be found performing harp and singing for the Bulldog Blues Duo and the Zapatones Blues Band, as well as the F.B.I - a funky blues infusion act.

In this interview, I ask Paul what sparked his blues vibrations and how he ended up in Valencia and friends with the great blues master, Danny Boy.


CBBLUES: When did you get the blues bug?

PAUL: I got the blues bug from my fathers who was with a traditional jazz band called the New Era Dixielanders. Out of all the different types of Dixie jazz and swing numbers, I grew up with the thee .out of all the dixie. Basin Street Blues. I’d say it got me “bloozed up”

I have played jazz trumpet since the age of 5 but the Blues...oh baby, it’s free total expression. It can make you laugh and cry and remember feelings – all at the same time. For me the blues is where it’s at!

CBBLUES: Why did you choose the harp as your instrument?

PAUL:I started playing harp after I heard James Cotton with Muddy Waters and the song Mannish Boy. It was a sexy harp right from the start. I was hooked

CBBLUES: Tell us a bit about your harp.

PAUL: I bought a marine band in C and played along to Muddy, Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson,  Robert Johnson to name a few.

My favorite harps are my Danecker blues made by Anthony Danecker in the Uk. These harps have a really warm tone and you can change the reed plates  for different styles of playing along with Hohner Marine band, crossharps, pro harps with different reed plates. It’s good fun.

Early on I was influenced by Sonny Terry n Brownie Mcgee, Sonny Boy Williamson, Little Walter, Charlie Musstlewhite, Kim Wilson, Rick Estrin, Deak Harp – all so awesome! Ahhh, there’s so many. lol.

CBBLUES: How did you end up in Spain?

PAUL: I moved to Spain for the warmer climate and now with the cool music scene going on, I’m glad that I did!! It is a bonus!!

CBBLUES: Are you a member of the Valencia Blues Society? and if so - for how long?

PAUL: I have been a Valencia blues society member about a year run by Javier Tiujana who is a great Blues guitarist and singer, a machine.

He has organised several blues society annual gigs, which are a whole night of top class music from Mississippi deep south blues to jump blues and Chicago-style. You must check it out and if you join, you get a

CBBLUES: How did you meet Danny Boy Sánchez? 

PAUL: When I first saw Danny Boy play I was at Benicassim Blues Festival. I was in front center stage. There were 3 fender bassman and 3 great harp players along with Raul on guitar.

I was blown away by Mingo, Danny Boy Sánchez and Ñaco Goñi.

Then after I was at Jimmy Glass Jazz Bar and saw Antonio Serrano, another master harp player musician but when he said, ¨I would like to invite Danny Boy up on the stage¨, I couldn’t believe my luck!

Awwwhhh,  man he blue blew the roof off the place and it was some of the best blues harp battles that  I've heard in a long time.

Then through the Nasty Boogie blues jams in Valencia, I met Danny Boy an we've been friends ever since. We have played together many times. He is a true harp master.