Wednesday, December 10, 2014


With the (relatively) cold season coming up, why not think of some spicy food?
That is the case with this young band called Red Beans and Pepper Sauce.

Reviews by Patrick Van Denhove for CBBlues

This name evokes the kitchen of the bayous, in the deep south. Origin for this are the Cajuns, and there you have the link to France : indeed we have it here about a French blues band, from the Mediterranean city Béziers ( not so far from Spain... ), exactly as the New Orleans is the southern "bottom" of the USA...

The band is only three years old, and has already won several awards in Blues Festivals. The band is built around guitarist Laurent Galichon, who has the cloth to become a guitar hero; his instruments range from the Gibson Les Paul, with its greasy sounds, over the Dobro and its nostalgic roars, until the Fender Stratocaster allowing more, like funk ...

But let's introduce our first video:

This one is in fact a slide show at the honor of the USA who gave us the blues.
We go from Texas to California, accompanied by "I should lie", that gives a good sample of Laurent's skills from "blues with muscle" as in Texas to slower moods in the deserts.

The second video is chosen as to contrast with this pure blues mood, and is representative of a general tendency among young bands:  they do not feel trapped anymore by the label "blues band", and do not hesitate to take a look at other styles, like jazz of funk.

Of course, having some groovy black blood, like the singer Jessyca Aké, helps a lot, as does jazz-aware musicians like Denis Bourdié on bass ( see his slap bass on the video ), Thierry Imperato on drums and Serge Auzier on keyboards ( yummy solo in the video ).

Enjoy "Mr. Hyde":

If you like these ones, do not hesitate to check out some of their other vids at their home site; my other favorites are: : "Alone",  classy nostalgic Dobro /slide introduction, don't miss if you like Ry Cooder's style : "forgive me", for blues-rock lovers : "2 minutes", studio making-of, Texas blues

My conclusion:  with young bands as this one, our future blues feed is on a good track!