Monday, June 30, 2014


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OMG. What a party!! It was a smaller and more intimate crowd, as many regular cbblues fans were on vacation, but the blues fans who came out were really digging the vibes.

Tom Poole had two of his musical friends come and jam with him during the dinner service. Argentinian-born Natiel was there with his rhythm box. This player is a big name in Madrid but we are so lucky that he has decided to come and settle on the Costa Blanca.
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The other friend of Tom's to show up was Craig Rhind. Blues fans out of Leicestershire, England will certainly know of the blues power trio called the DIRTY ROBBERS. This is Craig Rhind's current band, however he has a list of blues performer greats on is own personal roster for whom he has keep the back beat. That list includes Steve Marriott, Dr Feelgood, Carey Bell and Phil Guy (Buddy's brother) Occasional Craig gigs with Steve Gibbons, Eric Bell amd Tony McPhee.

After the lunch service, next up was our special invited performer, all the way from Murcia city, the incredible diverse guitar great - Mr. David Walton and his band including Jesús Luna on drums and Pascual Pérez on bass.

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David lit up the room with his animated songs and staging. He played some of his original tracks from his new CD. He also gave some blues background to the crowd, historical and interesting. This kind of banter is educational and perfect for our club of blues lovers!! He also shared personal insights into his songwriting, which is always a bonus.

We had a lovely break with lots of prizes in the raffle and lots of winners too!!

David and his band mates mingled with the crowd and sold CD's. And then it was time for the second set. David entertained us with some wild finger picking, fantastic fret work, string bending and mind blowing guitar work. Again, his eye contact and interaction with the audience was impeccable.

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Then, just when I thought the show as all over, Tom Poole and Natiel came up and ask to do a final closing song with David. Tom picked up a bass and Natiel jumped onto the drum set and the three of them closed the show with a bang!! Yes! I did say that Tom picked up a bass guitar and played solos alongside David. It was again - mind bending!!

Stay tuned for the videos, which will be posted when they are processed and posted to YouTube.

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Don't forget to DOWNLOAD for FREE the MP3's gifted by Davoid Walton Blues Trio on the JUKEBOX page!!

Thank you to all who made this event very special!!
Karla Darocas, editor (blues junkie)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


What a wonderful blues artifact! The genuine personalities of both of these monster performers shines through on this live recording done in Hamilton, Canada back in 1983.

I just loved the way that Albert King keeps trying to remember Stevie Ray Vaughan on past occasions. About 2/3rds of the way through the session, Collins admits that he was glad to have been there on that day with Stevie in the studio doing this one-on-one session.

He keeps saying to Stevie, " There are lots of guitar players out there but they got no soul. You man, you got soul!" Stevie Ray Vaughan is obviously star-struck to be performing with one of his biggest legends, Mr. Albert King. He looks over at King and you can see his eyes absorbing the fret board as Kings' big black fingers fly up and down the notes.

King asks Vaughan about his hit song, Pride and Joy, and you see Stevie's face light up at the idea of playing one of his original songs with this blues master. Collins picks up on the melody quickly and starts to enhance the song with his own freestyle licks and riffs.

I don't think I have ever heard Stevie sings better than on this session. This historical video is a joy to watch and even better to just listen!!

 Enjoy Blues Aficionados
Karla D. (editor)

Monday, June 23, 2014


CRAIG RHIND is now part of the all-star lineup of performers for the 2014 COSTA BLANCA BLUES Summer Party!
YES - UK "slap" bassman - Craig Rhind - is on holiday and this backbeat master is a bluesman and cool cat!!
He and TOM POOLE will be bringing you some backyard blues to the party!! It's going to put a spell on you!

Friday, June 13, 2014


The announcement I wrote about of our last Sunday Matinee Show made it into the Round Town Newspaper. kd.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

VIDEO, MP3s SUBMITTED BY BIG PABLO, Harpist for the Baboon Blues County Band (Murcia, Murcia - Spain)

Murcia city blues revivalists - The Baboon Blues County ! Even their name suggests the slap-stick, devilish humour found freely within the blues.

I just love it when a young group of musicians fall in love with the old blues classics and make them come alive again! I was very impressed with their video submission and MP3 songs. Their musicianship was tight and in key with plenty of emotional inflections, but casual too! However, it was Big Pablo on harp who really stood out.

I had a chat with Big Pablo...

As it happens, this young man has been studying and working in London for three years. Study includes, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, which is one of the world's leading conservatoires and drama schools. And, to round it out - he was with Southbank Sinfonia; a project to ensure that the most talented and promising musicians have an "orchestra" to perform with, as post-graduation "bridge"  or "springboard" into the music profession

Big Pablo explains that he is, "a classical double bass player" but "started to play harp with Paul Lamb - from Paul Lamb & the King Snakes" Lucky him!!!

The Baboons bill themselves as an R&B cover band who are "completely mad about 50's & 60's rhythm & blues classics made by the great artists of the time like Jimmy Reed, Slim Harpo or Bo Didley, among others. Our aim is to make you have lots of fun listening and dancing the unique musical treasure of the Rhythm & Blues!!!!"

I hope that these young blues revivalist will come perform for us in the near future!
Blues para Siempre... Blues Forever!

Just who are the Baboon Blues County players?
Tonethius “Flatline” Robusto (Voice), Juanito Tae (Double Bass), Roberto S. Lavella (Guitar), Raúl García (Drums) and Big Pablo on Harp

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hey CBBlues aficionados,
Here is a video of The Davoid Walton Blues Trio at the Niño Blues Festival in 2013 playing one of David's songs, 'FreudJung SchizophrHendrix Blues from their CD 'Davoid Walton Blues Trio: Unhinged'
As you can see and hear - David is a monster with an axe creating licks wrapped around picks! Keeping the blues backbeats are bass player, Pascual Pérez and drummer Jesús Luna. Keep it Real - karla d.

Monday, June 9, 2014


Don't miss this bluesy season closer!!
The CBBLues Summer Social is going to be an event to remember.

Book Now! First Come First Served!! 
Preferred Seating to Early Bird Ticket Buyers. Keep it Real - kd

Monday, June 2, 2014

INTERVIEW WITH DAVID WALTON * Davoid Walton Blues Trio * Murcia, Spain * June 2014 by Karla Darocas, editor / publisher

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In this interview, you will learn about Murcia-based guitarist, singer, songwriter and recording artist David Walton. He is an integrated Brit living and working in his adopted Spain. He is an artist who has done his research and dug deep into the core of blues history and society to find its words, its meaning, and its longevity.

David shares with us his inspirational musical heroes. He has chosen legendary myth makers musicians who resonate and jive with his own energy and ethos.  It is always fascinating to discover the roots to any artist and their creative reasoning. Yes, a selfish pursuit but I do it all in the name of research.

We also learn how the guitar tamed this rambling man, leading him for the land of rain and drizzle to the land of sun and sea. David has his reasons to be living, working and performing in Spain, manifesting his Spanish roots, growing his music.

Since 1990, as a professional journalist, I have interviewed the entertainers and showmen within the blues, jazz, pop and country genres who are considered the "hardest working" people in their trade. Because of this exploration, I have met and learned from the masters of music. I am not a musician but an "aficionada" or fan of both folk and popular music.

Over the past few months, I have discovered that Murcia-based bluesman David Walton is a smart and educated gentleman with a wise old soul.

He is also a gifted guitarist who can carry the spirit of life over his guitar strings. His songwriting pulls from the strong blues roots of pain and pleasure with lyrics that are true to the simplicity of storytelling filled with deep feelings and spirited adventures.

This is a great read folks.
I am sure that you too will be educated and enlightened!
Keep it Real,
Karla Darocas, editor / blues aficionada