Tuesday, February 24, 2015


REPORT by Karla Darocas

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The CBBlues February 2015 Sunday Social proved to be a fabulous and action packed matinee show full of surprises.

Thank you to all who came out to share this special event and to keep the blues alive in song, dance and art.
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The event opened up with some blues roots tunes by Tom Poole on guitar and "Buddy" Paul Tidiman on harp. It was a bitter sweet performance for me as Tom is leaving for health reasons - and Paul is coming on board to be the new music director and help me keep my head on. I need all the help I can get!

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I must thank Kathleen for the balloons at the show and Maureen and Kathleen for helping with the raffle.

Then, as a new tradition, some of the CBBlues Saturday morning CrossRoads coffee house players turned up and they were welcomed to perform. It was a really nice beginning to the matinee show and a tradition that we will continue at the socials.

Then it was onto the main attraction of the day, and of course our invited musical guests.

We were treated to a fun and friendly Valencian guitarist and showman by the name of Nano Blues. The fact that his stage name has the word blues in it should give you a big clue to how this performer loves his blues music!

He lead the band into a boogie blues journey with some good roots classics to boot. He could change up or down his tempo and match it with clear vocals, which encouraged many to sing along.

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On drums, Oscar Alcaraz López was a master, to say the least. He was tight and balanced and never out of beat. Well, he is a professional percussionist and drumming teacher in Valencia - so he has had some years of practice to make perfection.

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After an uptempo instrumental introduction, the band got down to business. But first they invited another CrossRoader up to play harp with them. It was like a big family reunion! That is what Sunday Socials are all about.

SEE VIDEO ON CCBlues YouTube Channel

Then it was dance time as the boogie got up to a woogie and your shoes took on a life of their own! It was magic and all performed solos that whipped the crowd up to cheers, hoots and whistles. It is a good thing we are in the backroom of Bar Mediterraneo where no once can hear our glee :)

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"Buddy" Paul Tidiman showed the crowd that he too could bring them to their feet. In fact, there were some really wonderful jivers dancing and swinging around the room with grace and energy combined.

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We had the break and the raffle and then as promised in the poster, a special out-of-this-world thing happened. The drummer took a solo and when he finished the Blues Brothers had appeared out of nowhere to give us a finale that will go down in the CBBlues Party Lexicon!!!

I was so pleased to see some of the very first CBBlues fans ever in the crowd and my local friends and my friends from Canada and America too! It was an amazing celebration!!

I was so very happy to see that my hand painted tshirt was won by a very special person who deserved a bit of blues magic in their life!

Thank you all for coming and see you again very soon!!

xx Karla Darocas, impresaria and boogie queen!!