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Since starting this project almost three years ago, I was hoping to find a real guitar man - a player versed in the ways of many guitars that now soundscape our world.

Thanks to "Buddy" Paul Tidiman, a blues harp player from the Valencia city scene, I was able to connect with "Nano Blues".

Alberto Mondéjar - aka - "Nano Blues", is a veteran guitarist and performer from the Valencia city blues scene. He is on the board of directors for the Valencia Blues Society and at age 59, he has been in the music business for 45 years.

According to "Buddy" Paul Tidiman, Nano can perform, "slow heart wrenching blues right up to rock and everything inbetween."

"For me," continues Paul Tidiman, "Nano is an all around great performer and showman. He can adopt any style. He is such a versatile guitarist. He is the real deal. He has no ego and he is all fun!"

Like any true guitar man, Nano sports a variety of guitars to do his work.

  • He has 4 electric guitars - namely a Fender Telecaster 52 RI, a Gibson ES 335 Dot, a Gibson Les Paul Special 57 RI and a JBP ES 335. 
  • In the electric acoustic genre of guitars he has my favourite style of guitar - an Ovation Custom Balladeer USA. 
  • Then for straight up acoustic sound he performs with a 1971 Yamaha and also an Eko 12 strings. 
  • Of course a Spanish guitar slinger my also own a Spanish classical guitar and Nano's guitar of choice is a 1970 Tatay.
Nano is a blues demon when it comes to performing at Spain's blues festivals. Under his belt are events like the International Blues Cazorla Festival, the Festival AlmeriBlues XII, the Hondarribia Blues Festival 2006, the Rock & River Festival 2006 and the Festival of Jazz at Port en el Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia - to name a few.

He has also been the guitar wiseman of choice of many touring and regional superstars - like Keith Dunn, Duke Robillard, Sax Gordon, Ximo Tebar, Linda Love, Graham Foster, Tonky de la Peña, Bonnie Fields, Jack Edery, Paul Orta, Nico Wayne Toussaint, Charles Pasi and even Mr. Bob Margolin. In fact, over the years he has performed with so many national and international musician he cannot even remember them all!!

SO - With a host of high quality guitars at his disposal, a lexicon of named players and events to boast, it was my next task to get down to earth and find out what makes this guitar player such a man-of-action!!


CBBLUES: What guitars do you play for performing the blues?

NANO: My preferred guitars for blues are: · Fender Telecaster 52 RI (Due to her versatility. She can be smooth and sweet for vintage songs and at the same time aggressive for the most fierce Rock & Roll) 
The Ovation Custom Balladeer USA is a  very good wood, comfortable neck and frets and it has a versatile sound being an electric-acoustic it is great unplugged as well. 

CBBLUES: What famous guitarist / performers use these guitars?

NANO:  Fender Telecaster 52 is played by Albert Collins, Steve Crooper, Keith Richards, Danny Gatton. The Ovation is played by Aaron Tippin, Joan Armatrading, John McLaughlin, Mark Knopfler.

CBBLUES: What blues songs catch your spirit? Why?

NANO: The early and roots Blues songs catch my spirit. Blues singer-songwriters reported on their current life accompanied on the musical influences of their ancestors from Africa. So much to tell… The most important thing is that this legacy can be molded actually to our culture, idiosyncrasy and personal feelings without reviling the essence. 

CBBLUES: Is there a blues legend that you enjoy more than the others?

NANO: It is difficult to generalize. Everyone does it personalized as I said before. To summarize I will mention some of the most representative and well-known legends: Robert Johnson, T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, BB King and my special mention for Mike Bloomfield, not a legend but he might have been if it he had been born at the beginning of the 20th century.

CBBLUES: How long have you known "Buddy" Paul Tidiman?

NANO: I have known Paul around one year. He knows perfectly the scene. 
He is very experienced and has a sound and a language that is very "Bluesy". 
Paul is very friendly and he knows how to play in a band, with the band. 

CBBLUES: What kind of performer are you?

NANO:  First I try to prepare carefully my work and once done I design it to the type of concert and people to whom I am going to play. 

CBBLUES: What can an audience expect in your live show?

NANO:  In crescendo. First of all, we introduce to the audience the spirit of what we are going to transmit. In a few minutes the feed back begins clapping and singing the chorus with the band. The more daring hit the dance floor. The magic has begun and will not stop during the whole concert. 
The second half and, especially, the last third of the concert is amazing and very vibrant.

CBBLUES: Tell me something about your drummer - Oscar Alcaraz López...

NANO: Oscar is a graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Valencia. He is an experienced musician with 40 years under his belt - in all the styles from Classical to Jazz, Blues, Rock and Pop. He has performed in all the blues festivals in Spain. 
He has played and recorded with many important international musicians such as Fabio Miano (Italy), Charles Leroy (USA), Steve Emery (UK), Michael O'Connally (USA), Dave Waterston (UK), the pianist Campbell Alabama (USA), singer Angela Brown (USA), harmonica player Keith Dunn (USA), pianists Gene Taylor (USA) and Christian Rannenberg (GERMANY) and singer Deitra Farr (USA ). 
He is also a very highly respected teacher of drums. He is a very exact drummer. 
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CBBLUES: Thank you so much for this insightful interview :) kd