Thursday, April 2, 2015


Interview by Karla Darocas for

Jorge "Champez" Martinez Sempere is from Burjassot near Valencia city. At age 34 he has been playing his guitar for the past 18 years. He went "pro" 13 years ago and now he is the main guitarist for the Basement Boyz out of Valencia city.

His favourite guitar is a Gibson Les Paul studio explains Jorge, "with some mods". It has a Seymour Duncan JB Gold in the bridge position, and a weird Schaller bridge. It sounds fat, and growling."

Jorge loves the blues and when asked why he thinks that blues is growing in Spain he sums it up with two important insights.

"Blues music allows people to express their feelings," remarks the Valencian guitarist.

"It is also easy," he continues. "Easy to play for musicians and easy to understand for the listeners. You know "the beauty of simplicity". Blues is the common root for most of music created today."

In this interview, we get to know Jorge - the "Champion / Champez"  Martinez Sempere.


CBBlues - What type of blues songs are your favourites?
JORGE - I like old, free, almost improvised blues, with a raw sound like John Lee Hooker's. You can hear on the records that the band is wondering how to follow him!
Another bluesman I like is Taj Mahal. He mixes blues with other styles very nicely.

CBBlues - Do you like one genre of blues more than another - ex. delta vs chicago? Why?
JORGE - I don't prefer one over the other. In fact, I try to avoid tags as much as I can.
I focus on each song and the details it has.

CBBlues - Who else is in your band?
JORGE - Alejandro Quevedo is on the bass, Luis Yáñez is on drums, and "Buddy" Paul Tidiman is on harp and voice.

CBBlues - Who named your band the Basement Boyz?
CHAMPEZ - It was an idea from Luiso, the drummer. At our first gig, it was at the basement of a luxury mansion, and it was like: where do we put the musicians? Put them at the basement!

CBBlues - What is "Buddy" Paul Tidiman really like?
JORGE -  How to explain? He is strong, kind, and has the flavour of the authentic people... you know... like: don't touch my balls!
He has a very good taste for music, and he's very funny. I love this guy!

CBBlues -What kind of show can my CBBlues fans expect?

JORGE - Our show is designed to make the audience participate. We party it up, but we play old time blues classics. They'll have fun!

CBBlues - Have you performed in any blues festivals?
JORGE - YES - BUDDY PAUL and The BASEMENT BOYZ will be at the
Benicassim Blues festival - 09/05/2015.

CBBlues - Thank you for your time and sharing with us.
JORGE - You are welcome. It is very funny, I've never been interviewed!