Sunday, May 24, 2015


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I think the title really sums up this season's Mojo Party!

I think I can speak for both Paul Tidiman and myself  when I say, the Mojo Party was a bite larger that we could chew. But, as hard working, no time-wasting, blues loving people, we both looked at the prospects of merging the CrossRoads gang into the Sunday Social Matinee Show with an open mind and a full heart in the hopes that we would be pleased with the outcome.

And, even though the best laid plans did go a bit sideways - the outcome was fantastic!!!

So that was a big surprise!!

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Then early in the day, I was saying to a few of the guests that we really need to start to integrate some young blues blood into the scene - and who walks in the door at the very moment?

It was Javier Hernández from Valencia city with guitar in bag!! Who is he? Don't you read CBBlues?

Well, he is the youngest professional blues player and recording artist on the scene. His parents brought him down by car to us - bless!!

Surprise, Surprise - his father won the hand-painted CBBlues tshirt. He was crazy and over the moon with glee!!

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Then the invited musicians / performers turned out to be a real treat. Harmonica George, Peter Gun (guitar), Capitan Wilson Puerto (bass)

Very stylish, nervous - because they were late - got lost - oh well - another a surprise. They quickly set up and transported us back in time to a musical performance better than a theatre show. These guys could easily perform at Edinburgh's big summer showcase festival in any theatre if given the chance.

You can read more about them here -

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


No matter what you wish to call it - Jitterbug Blues, Jump Blues, Swing Blues, Jive Blues or Boogie-Woogie Revival - it is all based on dancing and is the precursor to the arrival of rhythm and blues and rock and roll in music history.

It isn't hard to imagine that eventually Spain would cotton to this fun up-tempo style of dance music and it is because of musicians like Peter Gun, Harmonica George and Capitan Wilson Puerto that this type of music is making people jump and jive!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015


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Last month at the CBBlues CrossRoads event Paul Tidiman (music director), our local favourite blues harp player, asked us to listen to a CD that he had brought from Valencia.

- Review by Phil Arcman for

The recording features 18 year old Italian/Spanish blues sensation Javier Hernández who plays guitar like a young Buddy Guy.

Sit up and take notice. This kid has the chops.

No, it’s not quite the mature Buddy Guy guitar and the voice does not yet have the husky adult blues character, but it is happening sound.

These are early days. In five years this kid could easily become Spain’s greatest blues guitar player.