Thursday, June 25, 2015


Another season of fabulous blues comes came to a close on Wednesday June 24th as we wrapped up the regular matinee concerts for 2014 - 2015 term.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project to keep the blues alive and well in our neck of the coast. We have been entertained by the amazing talents of a variety of blues musicians from Spain, UK and America.

Each and every show has been a mad adventure where all possibilities are left to chance; a whirlwind of magic mojo at work to bring the boogie to the backbone.

Our music director Buddy Paul had been bragging about his friends' band coming down from Wales for the summer. Well all boasting claims were put to rest at the Closer Party at Laguna Ribs venue in Javea on Wednesday

The band was awesome and Buddy Paul was true to form, as alway - friendly, fun and extremely gifted with great chops!!

And, as promised - Dirty Dog Blues Band frontman Vince Price performed his blues riffs with perfection. A vintage voice straight out of the 30's, Vince was charming and talented to say the least.

The backbone of the band was played to perfection with never a beat out of place by drummer James White. He kept it cool and in control.

Steve Davies on bass was down right solid with a soulful edge to his bluesy baseline. A true talent, this blues boy has a great future.

As the last event of the season, all the faces in the crowd were all the CBBlues Fans - except one. He came in because he saw the article in the newspaper. I chatted with him and he was loving the music as a newbie.

All in all - we have a great vision for where next season has to go and I feel blessed to be surrounded by such great musical talent and wonderful blues-loving folks. It is easy to Keep it Real with such real people having real fun with real music!!

Karla Darocas, editor / impressaria