Sunday, June 14, 2015


Buddy Paul with Gene Taylor
The weekend of June 5th & 6 was crazy because American boogie woogie keyboard legend was in Valencia city and I was his host. I connected to the legendary blues performer Gene Taylor via CBBlues as the Music Director, so I really wanted to do a good job so all of you CBBlueseros would be proud.

Gene Taylor was in great form. He played awesome! He was in full control and knew what he wanted and was giving more direction than a traffic cop in New York!

The first gig of the Valencia tour was on the Friday night at a bar called  El Lloc;  it's the pub in Pobla las Farnalls.

As you know, Valencian bars are so loud you can’t hear the band normally but Gene did his set and tinkles the ivories like no one I've heard, ever! It was an awesome blues n boogie set. Then there was a long break while everyone ate. We hit the stage about and since we had been there since 8pm I was so tired and fed up of waiting.

However, me and UK touring band the Dirty Dog Blues Band came on stage and did a funky blues thing. I must say that the vocalist of DDBB is awesome!! His name is Vincent Price and he is actually from the Valleys in Wales, so by sheer location in life - yeah he can The other members of DDBB are Stevie on funky slap bass and the young Jamie White on drums.

Gene Taylor with Danny Boy
Gene was happy and played the night with us. It was an honour.

Then at one point he shouted – “Piano an Harp” !! The band dropped back with a cool blues groove and I harped it up and Gene tinkles some cool blues and boogie, then we carried on till early hours.

The next night we were at a bar called Una Cosas Rara in Valencia. As it turned out, I managed to pull off the gig for Gene followed by a Valencia Blues Society jam with him on the same night.

We had Gene up first on piano doing a solo set.

Gene Taylor * Harmonica George
Then in the second half, Gene was in party mood. I was called up by Gene, which was an honour in my books, to join him for a few songs. I mentioned that in the crowd were Harmonica George, who was at our last CBBlues event and Danny Boy Sánchez, who is now a good friend of the CBBlues scene.

I said, Hey Gene, how about in the second half we have a blues harp set with you and all our harp guys?” He said, “Why the hell not?  I'm having a great time”, he said. We rolled with it and it was AWESOME.

Javier Blues Boy * Gene Taylor * Buddy Paul
After the Gene Taylor show, we set up for the jam. Gene hung around and half way through the jam he climbed up on the upright piano and boogied with us till 3 am.

A life experience for me and all who were here to witness and enjoy the style of playing that keeps us all in the mood for blues.

Blues On! Buddy Paul