Saturday, June 27, 2015


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WOW - What an expression filled morning at the last CrossRoads Coffee House OPEN MIC social event for the 2014-2015 season hosted by CBBlues, Buddy Paul & The Dirty Dog Blues Band.

It was mostly music as regulars got up to strum, sing and sizzle up the boogie! There was so much happiness in the room, it was infectious.

Firstly, our music director Buddy Paul and his visiting spectacular band the Dirty Dogs launch the morning with some smoking hot blues. Then player after player came up to showcase their talents.

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What was really heart warming to see and hear were the improvements of regular CrossRoaders who have been in attendance all season. They
have gone from having doubtful courage to being freestyle professionals with confidence to burn!! They have become super hot wild on fire folks, who now know how to bring the boogie and shake it up!!

Even CrossRoaders who have been lurking with their talents in shy corners brought out their guitars and were encouraged by the Dirty Dogs and Buddy Paul to coax the music forth and with wonderful results.

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Others were braving their boots to sing along and contribute to the monster jam of 10 players at one time!! It was simply magical!!

There was even a poem shared about how to savour life, which suited our crowd just fine.

Then, after a spectacular finish, the band and guests all ate a marvelous meal today, swapped stories and wishing each other well. It doesn't get MORE REAL than that!!!

I am so grateful to be surrounded by such talented and enlightened folks who are passionate about music and artistic expression - but also they so compassionate about encouraging others. That combination is what makes CROSSROADS a social event like no other!!!
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See you September

karla darocas
paul tidiman