Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WELL GUYS N GIRLS, it is not long till the last bash before summer break by Buddy Paul

CBBlues fans have not heard of the Dirty Dogs Blues Band yet, but you won't be disappointed!

The lead singer and guitarist is Vincent Price and he is a great guy. We met 5 years ago in Glastonbury at a jam in the Rifleman’s pub.  We never met each other before but we both got called up to play at the same time. Vincent liked my harp and I liked Vince’s guitar style. We sank a few ciders and played some tunes and then Vincent started dating my sister for a

After that I moved to Spain but  whenever I went to visit my mum an sister,  I'd call Vincent up and drive across from Bristol to Wales and play with Vince’s band. We have been friends ever since. He has  one hell of a voice and guitar style.

He has come to Spain with Steve Davies who is a young 27 year young cool funky bass guitar player who can hold the band together like Superglue.  Steve is from the world famous New Tredegar in South Wales.  Okay perhaps you have never heard of it, lol – but Steve has come over tour Spain and sample the Spanish culture and of course play the Blues....and er yeah he can play!!

On the drums, we have Whitey (Mr James White) from Hengoed South Wales. He is only 25 years old and has spent the last 6 years in a soul band Called Maddie and the Pandas.

So with Vincent on lead guitar and vocal, Steve on bass and Whitey on drums – it is a tight band. Then me on harp!! Look out!!

We may put a bit soul into the Blues show this time and get you all up to dance..
So looking forward to this gig!! It’s going to be a cool party day!!

See you soon CBBlues Fans,
All best Buddy Paul .xox