Sunday, August 30, 2015


There are not a lot of blues keyboard players in our neck of the coast, but we have been lucky to find one that shines - Herme Waits. 

CBBlues fans will have met Herme at our 2015 Spring Blues Picnic and remembered his stylish grin and funky finger action. Well, he is back with us at our first BLUES HARP ATTACK at the end of September 2015.


Herme admits to admire and enjoy the bluesy jazz that comes out of New York because of the "chords and minor touches". However, he also loves his Chicago blues and the British blues movement as well.

Herme started playing his keyboards in bands when he was 17. His first group was called Psychoblues. He doesn't hold much place in his heart for this band and labels it as "very bad".

Later, with more experience, he joined a rock n roll blues band that also did versions of sonic type garage blues like the Doors and other lysergic styles. It was called Morrigan Blues and they played for many years in Valencia.

Herme then moved to live abroad and spend a few years "undisturbed" without his music. Luckily a friend called him back to music and the blues and they formed a band called Yer Blues. Sadly this band fell apart after a couple of years.

His next band was called The Builders and they mixed the blues up with rock. Then followed yet another band that was a 70's classics called the FUN FANATICS.

Today, Herme performs in a blues band called Middle Ways Blues but he is always open to collaborations and pairs himself up to play both blues and jazz with friends who are musicians and singers.