Sunday, September 13, 2015


Joanne Shaw Taylor, a young blues guitarist and singer born in England, 1986, was discovered by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics at the age of 16. The rest of her biography reads like a veteran performer with recordings, special performances with superstars and a shelf full of Blues awards.

How is it that she is coming to perform on the Javea beach front on the 17th of September; a free concert no less?

Then I had another surprise phone call with some other news. CBBlues fans who do go to this show need to know that they will recognize another young guitar player on stage who CBBlues had the pleasure of showcasing when he was only 15 years old - Austin Slack.

Let's hope the show isn't just a rock show as it is being billed by the hosting local radio station - but maybe Joanne will dig down into her blues roots and perform some tasty blues riffs for us who love to KEEP IT REAL!!

I did find out some other more personal and interesting things about this young blues beauty and here they are...


CBBLUES - Hi Joanne. Have you ever been to Spain before?

  • JOANNE - I have but only as a child on family holidays of which I have some lovely memories. Needless to say I'm really looking forward to returning.

CBBLUES - Have you even been to our coastal area before?

  • JOANNE - Yes actually Alicante was where we used to vacation.

CBBLUES - How did the show in Javea come about?

  • JOANNE - My manager Barney Vernon has a house in Javea. He has always told me how lovely it is. We hooked up with the local radio station Bay Radio when we heard they were playing my songs and the concert was born.

CBBLUES - Do you know who is Jools Cooper?

  • JOANNE - I know of Jools via the introduction from Bay Radio, and look forward to meeting him.

CBBLUES - Who is your favourite Spanish blues performer?

  • JOANNE - To be honest, I don't really know much about the spanish blues scene. However, I actually started playing classical and flamenco guitar when I was 8 before I moved to electric guitar and the blues. Paco de Lucia is still one of my favorite guitarists ever.

CBBLUES - What is it about the blues that made you want to perform this genre?

  • JOANNE - I had been studying classical guitar, which is great, but for me I found it too disciplined. I found that the Blues enabled me to put more of my own personality and touch into the playing.

CBBLUES - Has winning blues awards opened any doors? If so - what doors?

  • JOANNE - I'm not sure if it has really opened any doors. It's certainly nice to receive an award but at the end of the day it is all about the hard work and perseverance that really opens the most doors.

CBBLUES - Do you know who Debbie Davis is? and if so - what do you think of her?

  • JOANNE - I do, Debbie is a friend of mine. I love her playing and she's one of the nicest people in this business!.

CBBLUES - Thank you and good luck at the show :)

VIDEO BELOW - not the greatest visual quality but showcases a chicago blues picking style and raspy Janice Joplin meets Koko Taylor vocal style - kd