Tuesday, September 29, 2015


For the first time in Costa Blanca history - perhaps Spanish history or perhaps blues history - CBBlues guests witnessed an explosion of blues with 6 monster harmonica superstars on stage - blowing their harps and our minds!!

Angelillo (Alicante), Little Fonsi (Alicante), Danny Boy (Valencia), Peter Murphy (UK),
Daniel Tena (Valencia), Buddy Paul (Valencia)
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CBBlues fan Brian Hay had this to say of the Harp Attack, "This has to be the best gig CBBlues has held so far with 6 harp players jamming in the same room is something of a rarity anywhere, let alone in Teulada. The quality of musicianship seems to go up a notch at every event. Thank you Karla and Paul for putting together such an amazing event. The room was full and I reckon everyone had a great afternoon."

The September 2015 Season Opener, Buddy Paul and myself decided to try a Harp Attack event. These are common throughout the USA and there has even been a few in Spain - but we wanted our CBBlues Harp Attack to be special.

Well - the event opened with a bang and went from strength to strength as more and more harp players took to the stage.

Buddy Paul, our CBBlues music director, warmed up the room with some smooth blues together with Valencian keyboard king Hermes Waits and Valencian harmonica player and singer Daniel Tena. Then they stepped up the boogie with a Kim Wilson rendition of "Good Time Charlie".

Then our music director showed us his harp playing skills by performing an old delta blues diddy "Pick a Bale of Cotton" a version by Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee that was used in the movie the "Jerk" with Steve Martin.

Then he turned his harp into a train leaving the station and moving on up the tracks. A unique trick that harp players like DeFord Bailey brought to his blues style of music at a time when classical music was attempting to bring some realism to their own music.

Then we were entertained by the owner of Bar Mediterraneo - Luis, who in his youth was a musician before family and responsibilities took over his life. So, to see this man doing a little jamming with Paul on harp, was really fun!

Then it was showtime!

First up was the legendary Danny Boy from Valencia. A great entertainer, blues purist and marvelous harp player. Many of us know Danny Boy from other CBBlues shows.

Of course our favourite ad hoc drummer Alvaro Diez was keeping the blues beat on point. Alvaro is an easy going musician and this is the reason we call on him to drum for our shows - time and time again.

It was Buddy Paul, Danny Boy, Daniel Tena, Hermes Waits and Alvaro who launched into a ripping version of "Polly Put the Kettle On" by Sonny Boy Williamson.

Then the performers slowed it down with their version of the Muddy Waters classic "Elevate Me Mama".

Danny Boy took the lead and belted out his sassy version of the old delta blues tune "Crosscut Saw". This is a favourite of Danny Boys and you can find videos of him performing this blues double-entendre song on YouTube.

This ensemble then paid tribute to Sonny Boy Williamson with the song "Early in the Morning".

After the raffle, 3 fine looking fellows from the Alicante blues society made their way onto the stage. One talented musician joined in on a guitar. This was the first introduction of a guitar during the entire show. His name was Angelillo and he was full of great blues riffs.

Yet another blues harmonica professional Little Fonsi, who is actually a former student of Danny Boy's, joined the group and he proved to be capable of keeping up lick per lick and chop per chop with his master.

Then the Alicante team changed their guitar player over to yet another talent named Victor Jordá and the previous player Angelillo grabbed a harp and started playing and singing a Big Joe Turner favourite "Flip Flop n Fly". Of course we all had to join in and sing along.

As we were getting close to closing time, a wonderful and familiar gentleman who visits us from the UK, Peter Murphy was pulled from the audience and asked to join on stage with his harmonica for a crowd pleasing rendition of Muddy Waters most famous "Mojo Working".

The finale broke all records for a harp attack and set a new season of blues music appreciation and culture integration into overdrive for the Costa Blanca Blues Social Network and Webzine.

Thank you to all who join us monthly to explore the blues of Spain and thereby help to keep this infectious and fun musical traditional alive for future generations to enjoy and love.

Keep it Real
Karla Darocas, editor / empressaria de blues


Danny Boy 

Hermes Waits

Peter Murphy
Daniel Tena

Buddy Paul
Buddy Paul
Alvaro Diez
Daniel Tena
Little Fonsi
Hermes Waits