Friday, September 18, 2015


CBBlues fans since the early days will know of Austin Slack. Here at CBBlues webzine, I have watched this young blood bump and grind his way from show to show giving his heart to the music.  And, thanks to his proud managerial-type father Bryn, Austin has had many opportunities to learn his licks and toss his talent into each performance - all over Spain.

The other night, Austin was able to add another plume to his hat as he took the stage in Javea with Britain's award winning blues beauty Joanne Shaw Taylor, who proved herself to be a seasoned guitar talent, songwriter and revivalist gatekeeper of the blues.

CBBlues fan Carol Lynn was at the concert and remarked that, "Joanne is a real musician not an entertainer. She has a nice but hard-driving voice but her guitar licks were amazing. She did some picking on the high register that was a totally new sound to me. She was high energy but also light and airy."

When it was time for Austin to take the stage with Joanne, Carol Lynn commented that "Austin seemed nervous at first but Joanne really worked with him and he got in some good licks." The two guitarists chimed out their version of "Going Down" by Freddie King, but for Austin, the song and the performance was all up hill.

Going Down Joanne Shaw Taylor with Austin Slack
Sometimes you do not know where the next bit step for Austin is going to be ..... thanks to JST and her crew and people and of course great band for last night in Javea. It was and amazing performance from Joanne and her band in a truly incredible setting
Posted by Austin Slack "EL Niño Magnetico" on Friday, September 18, 2015