Monday, October 19, 2015


CBBlues Fans who attended the September 2015 HARP ATTACK Show, you will remember that we had some surprise special musical guests come up from Alicante to join us for all of the fun and action.

Well, one of those musicians was a talented harmonica player who goes by the stage name of “Little Fonsi” and he definitely proved his weight in gold as a monster performers.

Who is this unique talent, many of you asked me after the show?

Forty year old Little Fonzi is a Benidorm-based musician who also works at the old military hospital in Cartagena.

A bright blues light started to shine for Little Fonsi only a decade ago. One summer night in 2005, according to Little Fonsi, “marked the beginning of one life and the end of another.” He had just witnessed a blues band at the legendary but now defunct blues café – Bluesville in Palma de Mallorca.

“I don’t know how the harmonica player in that band could get those dramatic sounds out of a simple harp? It was amazing!”

That same Christmas (2005), Little Fonsi was given a harmonica and this changed his life. “I moved from words to action,” explains the bluesified young blood.

His next step was to find a teacher who would also be a mentor, who could give him classes but also wise counsel in his first steps in blues harmonica.

Little Fonsi & Danny Boy at CBBlues Harp Attack 2015
It is not surprising that he choose the one and only Valencian King of the Blues Harp - Danny Boy Sánchez as his teacher and mentor. CBBlues fans have come to know Danny Boy as a semi-regular musical guest at the CBBlues Sunday Matinees.

According to Danny Boy, when asked about his student, ¨ He is a real and devoted harmonica blues lover! I really like the way he respects the blues tradition!!!¨

From this point on, Little Fonsi starts to form different blues bands, where he can acquire more skills and confidence. He also starts to attend all of the local blues scene´s jam session so he can learn to free style and build on his creativity.

It is within this framework that he meets and gets to jam many of the big names on the provincial network like Tonky de la Peña, Alberto "Nano" Mondejar, Angelillo, Fabulous Blueshakers, Nasty Boogie, Danny Boy, amongst others.

In 2010, Little Fonsi forms an acoustic duo with guitarist Big Quique and showcases a passion for country or rural Blues, which they take on tour until 2012.

After a years break from music, Little Fonsi takes he love for the blues and his harmonica and works around the Murcia scene with bands such as Ito & The Trails, Santiago Campillo (Ex-MClan), Miguel " Huracán" Bañón (Los Marañones), Claudio Blues Band, Chema Mirror, Baboon County Blues and the master of the blues piano Ramón Climent, plus others.

In 2013, Little Fonsi began to frequent the Jam Sessions in Alicante where he met the band Blues Medicine Man, who have become great friends and in turn he makes friends and starts to perform with great musicians such as Josele Martin and Jorge Ojéa (Luz Casal guitarist).


Along with his new found blues friends and group of blues lovers, in 2014 he helped to from The Blues Society of Alicante (SBA), which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the blues tradition and the promotion of blues music. This society is immersed in different projects such as taking their Blues to local hospitals and performing for all of the sick children or performing for the mentally handicapped associations (APSA).

That´s all right Presentación SBA - WATCH VIDEO

Recently, Little Fonzi represented the SBA in the Costa Blanca Blues Harp Attack! According to him, ¨it was great to reconnect with my old friends Angelillo and Dani Tena and my teacher Danny Boy. It was also a pleasure to meet and share the stage with Buddy Paul Tidiman and Peter Murphy (the man who met Sonny Boy Williamson!).

Angelillo (Alicante), Little Fonsi (Alicante), Danny Boy (Valencia), Peter Murphy (UK), 
Daniel Tena (Valencia), Buddy Paul (Valencia)
* * * 
Little Fonsi has been in the recording studio with music producer Pedro Contreras (Ruth Lorenzo) where he has put his harmonica talents to a soundtrack for a documentary about trains, to be broadcast on TV.

He has also been recording with the legendary rock and roll band record The Rebels.
Let´s hope that this young talent keeps his harmonica passion alive and we strive to get him back to a Matinee again in the near future.