Monday, November 30, 2015


The last CrossRoads event of the year 2015 was super fantastic with lots of talent and friends.

Andy was visiting from France and kicked off the Coffee House morning with some slide guitar and some foot stomping delta tunes. Paul and Manel jumped in and kept the boogie rolling for another couple of songs.

Everyone who wanted to share got a chance to do a song or two. There were no poems this time around. I guess we could have done a Christmas poem but it didn't come up.

Sue and Mike topped it all off with a roaring 20's tune that came complete with costume.

Once again, the friendly atmosphere and talent sharing made for a perfect morning. Twenty of us stayed on for lunch.

We also got to try out the Musician Market with Andy and Dave bringing items to show and sell. Andy came up to me before the lunch and gave me a serious look and said, "About your Musician's Market?" - I got worried that he was going to say that he hated the idea.

Dave continued, "It was a big success. I sold everything!"

Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year
See you in 2016

Big Hugs & Keep it Real
Karla Darocas, editor / organiser
Paul Tidiman - music director