Friday, November 13, 2015


It is not every day that we can report on a Valencian duo winning an American country blues category for Spain, but there are always surprises in this universe, so here we go… xx - karla

CONGRATULATIONS to the Valencia-based country-blues duo of SARA GEE & RAMBLIN’ MATT for charting at number 1 on

ReverbNation is an online platform that provides tools and opportunities for musicians to manage their careers. It features the ability to view charts by location and genre as well as what’s popular globally and on the national level.

Unlike many of the musicians in Spain, Ramblin’ Matt has been taking advantage of this platform for quite some time and now fans are taking notice, hence the push to number 1.

According to CBBlues Music Director and regional entertainer Buddy Paul, “Matt and Sara are two of the hardest working people on the circuit. I have played with these musicians several times at various events. They are both fun and lively and they deserve all they get by living the music. Sara is an angel. Their music is cool. Blues On with Big Love.”

Born Mateo Garcia in May 1966 in Valencia, Ramblin' Matt has been involved in bands and performing since the early eighties.  He is a composer, arranger, guitar and slide player and singer and his first bands were rockabilly outfits, which at the time was not popular so only few dared to play this type of music in Spain. He has been a name on the Valencia scene, but has also lived in the USA and UK creating music in these places as well.

He returned to Spain in mid 2013, when he meet Sara Gee in a gig in Valencia and decided to stay for good after nearly 20 years away from his land of origin.

Matt writes his own material with influences of Blues, Swing, Bop, Rockabilly, Outlaw Country and Southern Rock. He also plays bold arrangements of country & delta blues classics from the likes of Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, Skip James, Son House, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Rev. Gary Davis, and Mississippi Fred McDowell among others featuring most of the times only lead vocals and guitar, played with or without slide.

He first listened to the Blues when he was 14 or 15 in a friend's house that was playing the John Lee Hooker album, "Boogie Chillun”.  The album totally blew his mind. Ever since he has been trying to learn the tricks and turns of this music, from a deep respect of the original artists but always adding personal drops of his own “Soul” juice.

In the six years that he resided in the US, mainly in Chicago, he was widely exposed to the electric blues of the Windy City. He also took some trips with a guitar and a backpack to the region of the Mississippi Delta, where he had the opportunity and privilege to learn the playing rudiments of this music. More importantly, he admits that he learned, “the meaning of the blues as a way of life and as a mean to express and communicate my feelings to others.”

Matt’s music is his tribute to all those who love, live and feel the blues as he does.

Sara Gee is a songwriter, guitarist, singer and actress from Valencia. She studied drama and art and begun to perform with the guitar with encouragement by her mentor Erik Doornweerd, while living seven years on the island of Formentera.

She moved back to Valencia in 2013 and joined the Jam sessions around the area. One night while performing at a jam in Peter Rock , Valencia organized by CBBlues friend and blue harp superstar – Danny Boy - Sara met Matt.

Ever since, they have recorded three albums and played nearly 300 shows in Valencia, Cataluña, Alicante y Baleares.





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