Tuesday, January 13, 2015

CD REVIEW “Spanish Blues Harp Attack” by Karla Darocas for CBBlues.com

This 11 track CD was recorded and produced in 2007 featuring Spain’s harmonica greats who are Danny Boy Sánchez from Valencia together with Castilian Ñaco Goñi and the Sevillian Mingo Balaguer. This CD was produced by the Basque record label - Gaztelupeko Hotsak.

Unless you are a Spanish Blues Aficionado, you will be hard pressed to pick out the different solos by these undisputed kings of their craft. However, once you give the CD a regular rotation you will start to hear the differences.

Danny Boy, who we here at CBBlues have come to know and love as a special guest at our events, has a smooth, rounded performance every time. His solos are like butter and his voice matches his playing. For example, the opening track “Drifting and Drifting” made famous by Charles Brown.  The clarity and composure of Danny Boy’s voice enhances the lyrics, and that is what you want when playing slow walking blues!!