Tuesday, March 31, 2015


CBBlues New
Music Director
CBBlues introduced "Buddy Paul" Tidiman to the CrossRoads gang last Saturday at our monthly Coffee House at Bar Mediterraneo.

This CBBlues rootsy event went off without a hitch and many of the regulars were out in fine form.

There was music, poetry, dancing and visual arts. Together it was an amazing session!

After the Coffee House we retired for a nice home-cooked lunch and there were 17 at the table making for a great community meal.

Thank you to all who joined us for a fun, creative and social experience!

Karla Darocas, editor

Monday, March 30, 2015


Interview by Patrick Van Denhove for CBBlues.com

Introduction - Just to recall to our readers: my video review introducing Awek in March got very positive reader feedback on the proposed videos, so since I am living close to the French Valence, when not around the Cumbre del Sol, Spain - I jumped on the opportunity to interview the band, when their concert at the Valence South Novotel was announced for March 27th.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Interview by Karla Darocas for CBBlues.com

Some people live to make money and some people make money to live. Some people are music lovers, some people are amateur musicians, and then again some people live and breathe music. They are the "real deal", so to speak.

Richard Ray Farrell is one of them. He has not only mastered the art of singing and playing the blues - he has literally "lived" the blues for years and years.

Born in Niagara Falls, New York in 1956, Richard Ray left his hometown only two weeks after graduating from high school and backpacked his way through Europe, not knowing at the time that music would be his destiny.

This introduction fronts the website of Richard Ray Farrell.  His full biography reads like a deep blues history book. It's a blues historian or revivalists' fascination and education. Here is the direct link - http://www.richardrayfarrell.com/index.php/biography 

After you read it, you will see why I was very excited to connect and interview this showman, artist and performer who keeps home in Malaga and likes to Keep it Real by Living the Real Deal...

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Report by Karla Darocas

We had a great group for the February 2015 CrossRoads Coffee Morning both performing and in the crowd.

Tom Poole started the ball rolling with the open-mic and it was music and mayhem from there on in. We had some visual artists but only one poem got read but it was fantastic,

The winner of the raffle was crazy happy to win my hand painted tshirt as you can tell by his face!! BB King would be proud!

Then 16 of us had a meal and swapped stories and laughs. It was a perfect except that we had to say goodbye to some folks who were going back home, but they promised to return.

Here is the video clip melody of the open-mic - sadly I ran out of film before the poem as I wanted to capture it too. Next time as they say :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

VIDEO REVIEW: BLUES IS STILL AWEK by Patrick Van Denhove for cbblues.com

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The opportunity to present this band comes from its 20th anniversary in December 2014.

Born in France in 1994, this 4-piece band concentrates on traditional Chicago blues. Bernard Sellam is the singer and guitarist. Stéphane Bertolino is the blues harp player. Joel Ferron is on bass and Olivier Trebel is on drums.

Together they set up the band with the aim to be a one-season summer group playing along the bars in Southern France...

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HOWEVER now they stand with 8 albums, of which the last one was called "rich and famous" and they still cannot believe it! Plus, they are preparing to launch their ninth recording. They have performed in more than 1500 concerts, in France of course but also at prestigious international places like the Montreal Jazz Festival. Now, their chimney is full of awards.

For this review, I tried to select good quality videos, so the majority of the links here are from the indoor Blues Café, in my region of France near Rhône-Alpes.

You can easily find more vids and info from their home website site. Here the link to its English version: http://www.awekblues.com/index.php/en/

This first video "my boss" is from their latest album and it is the perfect example of blues without sadness. It is very professional and I enjoy it from start to finish.


The second one shows them having to warm up the 7000+ people filling the Romans Amphitheater at Vienne in France in 2012, headlining before Keb Mo and Magic Slim. This of course was no problem for these professionals. The song is called "I appreciate" and I hope you do too. I love its taste from the 50ies...


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Want one more? "A place where I can hide" illustrates the happy blues they produce. You can see it on the faces of the crowd after the show they are all smiles and I can assure you you will smile too. I have seen them in big environments like the Vienne festival, but also in local show with less than 100 people and the result is always the same because they just love to play and the people get that.


Now you can go home, but please "Drive an automatic"