Monday, January 25, 2016


Costa Blanca Blues hosted its January 2016 BIG LOVE BLUES PARTY and fitting its name the guest headliner singer / entertainer was the lovely Linda B. Love.

It was a full house, reservations booked weeks in advance - as the CBBlues friends turned out to spread the love and enjoy a Sunday Social Matinee Blues Show. Our amazing music director - Mr "Buddy Paul" Tidiman really stepped up to the challenge and came through with a blue flag list of entertainers for this monthly Sunday Social.

Warming up the room and providing some lunching blues was our CBBlues friend from the Saturday CrossRoads mornings - an Irish delta blues showman - Andy Boal. It was a spur of the moment performance but he started pumping out some delta classics while the room ate their mid-day Bar Mediterraneo Menu. Then Buddy Paul joined in on harmonica to round out some more dangerously dedicated blues tunes. That was fabulous. I love spontaneous blues!

Then is was time for the main attraction to hit the floor! 

Linda B. Love came out looking sexy in a hot bright red outfit and high kicking red heeled boots. It wasn't long before she had the crowd entwinded in her enticing blues tales.

The first set showcased both the energy good time side of the blues and the slow and sensual side too. I was blown away by the showmanship and the craftmanship of the steller band that was hand-picked for this special matinee show.


The lead guitarist absolutely shocked the crowd with his power picking style full of big love passion. As it turns out, this guitarist is a guitar GOD in Spain, adored by all ages.

Alberto Tarín was born in Valencia and he has contributed substantially to the Spanish music culture. He has been involved with and dedicated to producing and arranging music for grass roots groups like Mecano, Jah Macetas, Seguridad Social and Raimundo Amador. He is also a member of the well known group - the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble and he has performed with this group in more than 30 countries and recorded three albums.

Get this gang - this musical cultural icon and recording artist - Alberto Tarín - who was performing at our Sunday Social Matinee - The CBBlues Big Love Blues Party --- has also accompanied Rita Marley and the Skatalites!!

Go ahead and type his name into and explore this dedicated guitarist and you will be kicking yourself that you didn't get his autograph! A beautiful craftsman and a lovely guy!

On drums was my favourite stick masters, Estaban Fuica Poklepovic. This handsome beatboy is a regular in the Crazy Goats, which is our Buddy Paul's personal pleasure band where he can let loose. Estaban kept it real and gave us a solid performance and a solo or two... nothing like a really bluesy drum solo to get the heart pumping again. Bravo Hombre! Good Show!

Now, this was the first time we have met and witnessed Pepe Baeza “Blockbass” - the bass guitar player. Again another Valencia player but a newcomer to our scene. He also gave us some spectacular solos that were digging deep into the low down blues - beyond belief.


Now that the room was reeling, the band took a break and we rolled into the raffle with my lovely assistants, Maureen and Kathleen - who are big love CBBlues friends in long standing!

Included in the raffle were some very special prizes that I choice with great care. They included collector bottles of wine from the Valencian wine maker - Vicente Gandia.

These special bottles had their labels designed by musicians and bands. Some bottles were designed by Cold Play - others were designed by actor Pierce Bronson - and then others were designed by the late David Bowie.

That was special and fit to the big love - full moon mood that was roaming around in the room.

I also raffled a couple of my photography artworks - all framed up and looking stylish. I think my art is actually growing on these blues loving friends.


Linda B. Love had changed her gear into a sizzling silver top and black leather bottoms with spiked pumps! She was dressed and ready to get the crowd pumped full of good loving blues, the ultimate party mood.

Cruising the crowd, she invited CBBlues friends up to dance with her and up they went. It was so much fun for me to see the blues working its magic! This is the positive energy of live blues that is so infectious.

All in all, my grand conclusion is that The Big Love Blues Party was one really dynamic performance show with all the joy of hearing true human talent expressing and enjoying.

Every month I wonder how we can top each and every event as they get more and more spectacular!

It's a high class problem! Big Smile!

Bluesfully Yours,
Karla Darocas, editor and slave to the blues... xx



  1. Alberto was certainly a real treat to see and hear , a true professional. Not to overlook the fabulous musicians that Paul gathers together , the standard is so high now it's hard to believe we are in a small bar in Teulada and not south side Chicago.

    1. I agree entirely. This was far and away the most superb CBBlues event to date. The band had the whole room rocking, cheering and dancing. Absolutely amazing! Karla and Paul have set themselves a hard task now in keeping up such an incredible standard.

    2. Sure hope that I had something to do with it being the most superb CBBlues event :) I am very happy that you thought so Mike Lawson. <3 <3 <3


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