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While others were out celebrating Palm Sunday, the CBBlues friends were eating, drinking, socialising and jiving up a storm at the March 2016 Sunday Matinee Social.

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The special musical guest was a very talented and motivated woman who brought the blues and soul into the room with perfect pitch and tone. Lizzy Lee is on her way to becoming a big name singer / entertainer and we were lucky to have her perform for us in our intimate and sunny salon at Bar Mediterraneo, Teulada.

CBBlues friends are an international bunch and we had folks from all over including Canada and USA. A friend of some CrossRoaders got up and strummed some folksy storytelling tunes and she was Diann Schindler from Florida.

Then, with some encouragement two more members of CrossRoads got up to the microphone and guitar and with Buddy Paul guidance banged out a rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine" - a song by Bill Withers from his 1971 album Just As I Am, produced by Booker T. Jones. The audience of CBBlues Friends gave a nice confirming round of applause.

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I think that having CrossRoaders as openers will become a tradition!

Then out came the main attraction - Lizzy Lee and her band with our music director - Buddy Paul joining in - as he always does - on harmonica.

Lizzy Lee was obviously the lead hot vocalist however her band was blazing too!!

On lead guitar was David Cascantone, who was introduced as Lizzy Lee's better half and musical partner. He had some smoking riffs and a great light touch to his picking style. I imagine that these two practice a lot in between raising their children obviously.

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On drums was Juanjo Malasideas who had no problem keeping the beats on sync.

The keyboard player gave some fun solos that showcased his love for the music.

And, on bass was the handrom and talented Alejandro Quevedo, who many CBBlues friends know and love as one of the Crazy Goats and the man holding down the bottom line at the CBBlues Picnic.

This video will help you to Relive the Experience or See What you Missed!!!
Sorry it is a bit fuzzy at the start. One day a proper video camera must be purchased ;) lol .

Lizzy belted out a selection of old and modern blues tunes, some soulful numbers and some  that fall under the Motown genre.

She opened the show with a soul number -  "Cry To Me" by Solomon Burke, who released the song in 1962.

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Here is the set list - below - and all songs were executed with extreme talent, timing, pitch and tone - flawless.  However, one tune stand out to me and it came near the end of the show. "I Want You Back" - a 1969 song by the Jackson 5, which became a number-one hit for the band and the Motown label in early 1970. Lizzy gave it a small change in tempo and reworked the timing to give it her own twist - but the song brought joy and happiness to the room and the dancers went into a trance. It was the "mojo" at work!

1. Cry To Me
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2. The Dock of the Bay
3. I'm On My Way
4. Hallelujah I love Her So
5. Kansas City
6. I Put a Spell on You
7. I Got a Woman
8. She Caught the Katty
9. Hound Dog
10. Hard to Handle
11. Up Above my Head
12. I Can see Clearly Now
13. Ball and Chain
14. Whole Lotta Shaking Going On
15. Mellow Down Easy
16. Love Me Like a Man
17. I Wouldn't Treat a Dog
18. Got My Mojo Working
19. I Want You Back
20. Master Blaster

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photo by Rien van der Kolk
The show ended again with one of our CrossRoaders getting up and singing with Lizzy - who is now her hero. This ability to witness this kind of real interaction really put a smile on everyones face and warmed the heart too!!

It was a magical afternoon - and I would love to repeat it again one day in the future!!

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photo by Rien van der Kolk

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photo by Rien van der Kolk

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