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Lizzy Lee has become one of the names to stand out in the Valencian music scene over of the past few years. She has pushed through the noise and has landed front and centre with a unique rich voice and charisma.

Born Lizbeth in Madrid to Cuban parents, she spent her childhood between Florida and Spain.

Lizzy has always had a love of music and singing. She would sing for family and friends and would frequent karaoke bars to express herself.

One turning point for Lizzy came when she entered a singing contest and won.

“Maybe winning gave me some self confidence to continue trying,” expresses the singer.

However, there was a bigger catalyst that propelled Lizzy to go professional.

“The big point that made me decide to put myself into the music circuit, professionally, was the death of my grandmother a few years ago,” continues Lizzy.

“She always told me to overcome my shame and believe in myself. She was sure that I had something to contribute and something to say with my voice, my music and writing my songs. Before her death I promised to at least try. It was at this point that I started searching for musicians and creating a band. My family was a big support, my mother, my two kids, my music and soul partner, and now here I am, following my musical path.”

Like most artists, Lizzy understands that gift of music and how singing is an expression of the human spirit.

“Singing seems to me like a miracle. It is a way to communicate and to know yourself. It is a way to empathise with others using something as natural as your own voice,” she explains.

“There are certain feelings, gestures and impulses that normally you wouldn’t experience but with singing they just happen. Sometimes it is like electricity, other times it is sadness, passion or joy, but all of them speak about living. For me, music is my inner life.”

Lizzy Lee is all about music stimuli and how music makes you feel. She prefers to talk about music as it relates to melodies, rhythm and lyrics in her own songs and others.

“In blues, I like slow or minor blues because I am kind of dramatic and I love that! I also enjoy those electric blues that make you feel like breaking the ground,” she details.

“In Soul, my attention is about the early beginnings but especially when everything gets mixed up and those lines are crossed. I like the songs that evolve from one style to another. They start from blues roots to a more orchestrated or jazzy blues or from a deep and melodic Soul with wind instruments to one with funky arrangements and backgrounds of madness. That is just magic to me. But overall, what I like to perform are songs that are very, very closely linked to my mood or what is happening in my life at that moment.”

When engaging her audience, Lizzy admits that humans can be moody and change direction with their tastes.

“Overall, I think that what the public wants or likes to see, is basically the musicians feeling what they do,” she enlightens.

As Lizzy Lee continues to uphold her promise to her grandmother and to fulfil her dreams to be a top notch entertainer, she also admits that she wants to use her music as a refuge, “a place to protest, praise, express and dream.”

“My hope is that my music does not become a simple soundtrack!”



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