Sunday, April 10, 2016


It’s that time of year again when Spring fever has you flinging, flopping and flying!

So, to celebrate, the Costa Blanca Blues Music Appreciation Social Network has pulled together a fun cast of its favourite musicians to make a “Spring Fling” party.

April 17th will be the date for the CBBlues Sunday Matinee Social in the backroom Salon at Bar Mediterraneo in Teulada.

“The musicians for this event represent a collection of talents who have become friends over the years. This is going to be a big and friendly, fun fling,” explains Karla Darocas, hostess and blues aficionada. 

All the invited musicians are working / professional players and come from Valencia city.

Jorge Champez, is an amazing guitarist and vocalist. He was featured in website ( )

Enrique Portolés is another terrific talent on guitar and vocals.

Esteban Fuica Poklepovic is one of the friendliest drummers you could me – and extremely cool at keeping a blues on beat.

Alejandro Quevedo Zamora is a wonderful person and mind-blowing bass guitarist. He is also a tremendous trumpet player but that will have to come out another time.

Buddy Paul Tidiman has kicked the blues scene in Valencia into high gear and pushes the blues agenda at every chance. He is also keeping it real at CBBlues as the music director/

Then, when you add some of the regular “CBBlueseros” to the mix who are invited to jump up on stage and join in with their musical expressions, well you have a Spring Fling full of surprises! 


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