Thursday, May 5, 2016


Raúl T-Bonski Rabadán - Danilo Adriano Argenti Gener - Steve Mule Coleridge - Paul Orta & Marco Garrido

When CBBlues was started back in March 2013, it was always hoped that the webzine and events would grow big enough to trap some of the blues legends who tour in Spain.

The master players who perform in the big cities where there are real blues music crowds who appreciate this strong humanistic musical genre, never come to our area of Spain.

Well, on Tuesday, the 3rd of May, CBBlues proved that it can indeed be part of a blues masters roster as we hosted the touring Texas tornado and harmonica great, Paul Orta.


Our music director Buddy Paul pulled it all together and confirmed that only the best blues musicians would back up Orta.

Right out of the gate, Buddy Paul and his blues harp found a couple of his musical guitar buddies and they all sat right down to entice the blues. Our CBBlues CrossRoads gang recognised the ripping riffs rousing out into the room by Manel Llorens Arnal, a good friend of Buddy Paul's from Valencia. Giving up the blues on his slide guitar was also Benidorm bluesman - Esteban Vegas. The trio warmed up the room with their talents combined.

Buddy Paul & Esteban Vegas
Then at 15:00 sharp, the guest of honour took the floor and immediately the room knew that they were in for an amazing experience. Paul Orta had on his showman's hat and shoes - bright red, with belt to match. He lit up is smile and his music was infectious and the energy in the room rose to a ethereal blue high. The mojo spirit was working its magic!

Orta orchestrated the mix of mighty blues musicians like the professional band leader he is and poured on the power. He serenaded the CBBlues Friends with his buttery blues vocals and kept the band stroking that Texas two-step beat as they rolled out the a frenzy of fervour. The best on the planet.
Marco Garrido
Marco Garrido
Not one but two guitar greats wheeled their axes in and out of mind-blowing solos.

The handsome and talented Valenciano - Raúl T-Bonski Rabadán showed off his love of blues by charging into some heart felt licks and riffs. Another guapo hombre guitarist from Barcelona took up the turn with taunting blues style strings of perfection. His name was Marco Garrido and I hope we will see this new musical friend again. It is a long way to come to perform but he didn't want to miss his chance to add Paul Orta to his musical biography either.

Raúl T-Bonski Rabadán
Valenciano drummer Danilo Adriano Argenti Gener kept it real with sultry blues beats with that twist of Texas toe tapping percussion.

Uk born but Almeria based - Steve Mule Coleridge kept the bassline down in that mystical mojo vibe that connects with your heart. He had already performed with Paul Orta down in his corner of the coast and was a good lad to bring the master up to us in Teulada.

Danilo Adriano Argenti Gener - Paul Orta - Steve Mule Coleridge
Buddy Paul pulled out his harps and dueled along with Orta in a showdown that rivals any performance from Texas to Chicago. You could see the pride in his eyes. While not on stage, Buddy Paul was able to let his love of the blue move through his body as he picked up the pretty gals from the audience for a boogie on the dance floor!

I still cannot believe that we had Paul Orta at our 4th annual Mojo Party!!

A wee kiss from Paul Orta to Karla Darocas xx
We all made a big fuss about his visit and made him sign autographs and take fun photos!! He was a good sport to say the least. Blues people are always great people from my experience!!

Thank you to all of our CBBlues Friends from both myself and Paul. You have made dreams come true!! Blues ON - Let it Shine and Keep it Real!!

Karla Darocas



  1. What a Fantastic Mojo party, we enjoyed every minute! Thanks to Karla and Paul for the arrangements, we are so lucky to have you in this area.
    Den & Soo xx
    PS when is the next Crossroads morning?

  2. Thank you to all who supported this very special concert!! Keep it working!!

  3. Hi kids - thank you for your continued support - sent you an email xx


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