Saturday, May 14, 2016

BLUESY VALENCIAN SINGER - MARIAN ZORIO - Promises a show full of nostalgia and rhythms.

Marian Zorio is a Valenciana who grew up in a small home within the city where her mother enjoyed singing around the house and shared her love for music, songs and singing with her young daughter.

Now all grown up, Marian Zorio sings her favourite songs from the American root genre that we know and love as the blues. 

"It is a genre of music that I feel comfortable singing," expresses the performer. 

"Plus I like it!"

Versed in traditional blues, Marian is also a lover of the swing era that was birthed in American in the 30's and along with boogie woogie was the dominate music form for 10 years. The father of commercial blues, W.C. Handy described "swing" as a music form for "white orchestra leaders and concert singers "to make commercial use of negro music".

Ragtime on the other hand, is a musical genre that enjoyed its peak popularity between 1895 and 1918. Roots planted firmly in the delta African-American music community, Ragtime was popularized by a sheet music composer - Scott Joplin.

"I love these styles of music because of the rhythms but also the nostalgia and dancing," explains the singer. 

"It is an epoch that I would have liked to live."

Only 3 years ago, Marian formed Dixie Jumble together with ace guitarist Raúl Rabadán, also from Valencia.

"We formed a duo in order to explore many of the themes we liked and identified with," explains Marian. "Soon we incorporated more members to form a band".

Since that time, the blues music genre has become more popular in Valencia but not as much as it could be.

According to Marian, "Blues is still a minority genre of music in Valencia, especially in the city. I guess that this is due to the influx of foreigners living in the area. It is something very positive! Musical influences from other countries are enriching for all of us. I love this cross blending in all of its forms".

Without a doubt, it is early American music that inspires Marian from female legends such as Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters, Peggy Lee and Ruth Brown to the big blues masters like Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters.

Marian has many favourite singers and songs in her repertoire and finds it hard to pick just one but finally admits that she does have a favourite at the moment.

"Currently, I am hooked on a song by Marie Fisker called Ghost of Love." she concludes.

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