Friday, June 3, 2016


Stupendous stand-up / double bass players are a rare breed and few and far between!

That is why we are so fortunate to have Valencia’s hottest double bass player at our "End of Season" party on the 19th of June, 2016. Andrés Lomas is “all about the standup bass” for Dixie Jumble, our invited musical guests at this celebration.

Paris-born, Andrés now resides on the outskirts of Valencia city in the village of Manises.

According to CBBlues music director, “When Dixie Jumble get going, Andres rides his double bass like a bucking bronco,” announces Buddy Paul and then he adds,” Andrés is a great guy with a big heart. Oh Hell, he will get your heartbeat jumpin!!!”

Andrés started playing stand-up bass in 1999. He first learned guitar and then bass but playing double bass was always his dream.

“I already liked country music and rockabilly but then I went much deeper and found my way to the blues,” admits the performer.

Andrés found his love of blues music while working in a music store.

“I was fortunate and had a work contract,” he discloses.

He also managed a half year at the music academy of Valencia and sites his job and the lack of a car as his “incompatibility”.

Choosing the double bass suits Andrés as he is dedicated to rhythmic vibrations and admits that he is “not interested in frilly solos and other jazzy styles” and continues,” I just like the base and dancing so this is why I want this instrument”.

Andrés loves being part of Dixie Jumble and confesses that he enjoys their repertoire and his fellow performers - singer Marian Zorio and guitarist Raúl T-Bonski Rabadán.

Blues music and all of its variations that fit into the genre are covered in Dixie Jumble and Andrés appreciates this music because, “people can relate to it, dance, have fun, fall in love, celebrate… they can even work or have sex to this music.” He continues, “Blues stimulates neurons and feelings!”

“I just want listeners to enjoy without prejudice… doing whatever they want and just put the music to its pleasures!”

Andrés with Dixie Jumble

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