Tuesday, June 28, 2016


CrossRoads - Open-Mic - wrapped up with most of the regular Open-Mic gang showing up and a few new spectators.

Of course, Paul and his friend Manel were on hand to help round out the musical performers.

I did a spoken word piece at the microphone - lyrics from the legendary  Ida Cox (February 26, 1896 – November 10, 1967). She was an African-American singer and vaudeville performer, best known for her blues performances and recordings. She was billed as "The Uncrowned Queen of the Blues".

The lyrics I recited were from her hit song, "Wild Women Don't Have the Blues", and it is remembered as one of the earliest feminist anthems.

I hear these women raving 'bout their monkey men
About their trifling husbands and their no good friends
These poor women sit around all day and moan
Wondering why their wandering papa's don't come home
But wild women don't worry, wild women don't have no blues 
Now when you've got a man, don't never be on the square
'Cause if you do he'll have a woman everywhere
I never was known to treat no one man right
I keep 'em working hard both day and night
'Cause wild women don't worry, wild women don't have their blues 
I've got a disposition and a way of my own
When my man starts kicking I let him find another home
I get full of good liquor, walk the streets all night
Go home and put my man out if he don't act right
Wild women don't worry, wild women don't have their blues 
You never get nothing by being an angel child
You better change your ways and get real wild
I wanna tell you something, I wouldn't tell you a lie
Wild women are the only kind that really get by
'Cause wild women don't worry, wild women don't have their blues
We had a visitor from Florida who shared her songs. SEE VIDEO - CLICK HERE

ENJOY the photos and see you in September for our 3rd CrossRoads Season!!

Karla Darocas, editor

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