Friday, June 24, 2016

FABULOUS FUN with Víctor Jordá & Little Fonzi

On Wednesday, June 22, I had a surprise visit from three members of the Alicante Blues Society. Two of the members I had met before at the 2015 CBBlues Harp Attack because both were performing and kicking it up!

One of my visitors was Little Fonzi who is a dedicated Benidorm-based blues harmonica player and the other was Victor Jordé who is firmly based in the blues with his well-know Alicante city classic blues band - Medicine Man.

To my surprise, Victor dropped the bomb that he had recently worked with the Canadian blues legend Pat Savage and produced a CD with him called "Savage Steel". It is a roosy collection that sounds a lot like good old fashion Canadian folk music. I have it and I will review it - so stay tuned.

These guys also let  me in on the knowledge that Medicine Man are in the studio working on a recording and it will be out before the news year. I suggested that CBBlues would maybe have a CD release party with them? Just an idea but a fun idea!!

Since I had these talents at my villa, I coaxed them to perform a few songs for me.

I also talked them into a photo shoot and captured these imaginative images.


Enjoy - Blues Be True
Keep it Real
Karla Darocas, editor

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