Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Valencia city's multi-talented - Dixie Jumble Trio were our pick to close the Costa Blanca Blues 2015 / 2016 Monthly Afternoon Concert Series and they were fantastic!!!!

The afternoon opened with our music director and blues harmonica great - Buddy Paul with his friend (and ours) Manel on guitar. After a few blues rootsy numbers, Valencia's favourite standup bassist Andrés Lomas joined them and they pumped out a couple more blues tunes.

Then it was time for the main attraction - Dixie Jumble who consists of Marian Zorio on vocals, Raúl Rabadán on guitar and Andrés Lomas, who have really made a name for themselves up in the big city and surrounding regions. Now I know why!!

Their repertoire was superb mixing classics from the early 1900's in genres such as American country, ragtime, blues, swing, jazz, soul and to finish a personalized tribute to the carefree 80's. (see below to follow song list)

This was the first that I had seen Marian Zorio perform. I had heard via the grapevine that she was gifted and glamorous but I wasn't expecting her to be so charming and funny too. It did not take her long to allure the audience into her seductive songs.

Marian is from Valencia and only speaks in Spanish but she sings in English with a Spanish accent. Sometimes the words to the well-known songs were hard to fathom but it didn't matter because she was so adorable. You can learn more about Marian here - click

Raúl Rabadán, who is also known by his blues name Raoul T-Bonski was absolutely bedazzling on guitar. I would say that he is about the best we have ever had at our events.

His obvious talent excelled as he picked out the notes with a luminous light touch and then wrapped and bent them anyway he wished. Some of the jazz numbers were very complicate songs with difficult arrangements but not for this axeman. He made the whole process look as easy as cutting butter on a hot day. You can learn more about Raúl here - click

When someone is so appreciated in Spain as much as Andrés Lomas you expect a big head attitude, but not the case here folks. Andrés proved to be a total gentleman and humble as hell.

He commanded that double bass with a firm grip and the syncopated "slap" so notorious with such a forbiddingly large instrument. He was obviously in full control because at one point he got on top and started to ride that bass with a frenzy!! I guess all of those years of rockabilly banging has made him a force of nature!

We want to speak with Andrés about putting together a Rockabilly show for us in the future. Again - Rockabilly is a fun version of the blues. Your can learn more about Andrés by visiting this link - click here.

At one point in the show, a visiting American all the way from Las Vegas decided to buy the musicians all shots of Jack Daniels whisky. She adored the musicians and was very pleased to be with us on this day.

""We had a blast! Wonderful music, people and food. Thank you for the hospitality and good fun!," proclaims the visitor Susan Tischer.

The band opened with a 1950's classic "Send Me Some Lovin" (Brenda Lee style) then into a jazzy rendition of "I Love You Because" made famous by Elvis but created by American singer / songwriter - Jimmy Reeves.

Then the audience really perked up when Marina tore into an uptempo version of Pasty Cline's "Walking After Midnight" followed by a Bessie Smith favourite "After You've Gone".

Then Marian slipped into her native tongue for a beautiful rendition of the Cuban classic "Quizás Quizás Quizás" followed by a lovely version of "Love Me Right" by Lavern Baker

Buddy Paul was asked to jump up on one of his favourite Little Walter tunes "My Babe" and they all did a smashing great job of it - see video below!!

Marian and the band also did a fabulous bluesy narrative on a Billie Holiday ballad "Fine & Mellow" followed by a fun version of the 1927 ragtime "Ain't She Sweet".

Then out of the blue we were treated to a children's TV show theme song namely "Inspector Gadget" which proved to be quirky and entertaining. This was followed by a great version of "How Come" by the legendary Big Mama Thorton

The tempo of the party picked up with a Buddy Holly tune "Everyday" and then things got really crazy as both musicians went to riding on their instruments on the song "Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean" by the jolly Ruth Brown (1957).

VIDEO - Dixie Jumble with Buddy Paul

Up next was a really latino song by the late Rosemary Clooney (yes the famous aunt to George) called "Sway" and this was followed by a jazz standard "My Baby Just Cares For Me" made a hit by Nina Simone and it was spectacular!!

Then back to having more fun with "These Books Are Made for Walking" but more uptempo and jazzy than the Nancy Sinatra pop version of 1966. To keep us dancing, Dixie Jumble performed a mind-blowing version of "Swing Brother Swing" by Billie Holiday and Count Basie.

Then Marian was back to her own language for a beautiful song called "Creo Que Ya Están' and I have no idea about that one.

Then band was introduced player by player and they said their "Thank yous" and were ready to wrap up the show!! But after a standing ovation and mad applause, Dixie Jumble was persuaded into one more track and it was a swinging version of the Gloria Jones song "Tainted Love" - of course made famous by Soft Cell in the 80's.

Then a bunch of the gang ran up to meet the band and get their autographs.

What a great season closer - can't say enough good words. "Happy Days!" as Buddy Paul would say!
Over the 2015/2016 season we have been privately entertained by 36 of the top blues and it's genres - musicians.

Some new folks yelled out, "I can't believe that we have never been to a show before and now the season is over!"

The best reasons to host these afternoon concerts are:
1. - We don't have to drive to the big cities and pay road tolls and gas just to witness the professionals.
2. - We don't have to wait until the late night either for a concert to start at midnight.
3. -  We are able to eat healthy Mediterranean food in the comfort and happiness of a goofy Spanish-owned establishment.

We are so fortunate it is almost divine!!

Thank you once again for support this project which includes this webzine, the afternoon concerts and the open-mic mornings.

Karla Darocas, editor / chief


  1. Superb afternoon as ever Karla. Have seen Raul and Marian many times before and they never fail to shine. Brilliant conclusion...not end...to a fabulous season xx

    1. I agree - I really enjoyed the variety of songs and the different arrangements and tempos. I think we ought to bring them back don't you? xx


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