Saturday, July 2, 2016


Samantha Fish:  Blues is Young and Female!

Hello blues lovers. Patrick reporting from France. 

We elderly people are often trying to make sure that the "transmission" is working. I wonder if the younger generations are building upon the corner stones that our generation laid for them?

This question haunts me also with respect to the blues and this is why I am conscientiously looking for young talents. 

Now for the good news... Yes, there are plenty of fresh talents out there and moreover they are very healthy, bright and good looking!

Here is the perfect example: Samantha Fish

She was born in Kansas City which is not the worst city to be raised up in a blues environment. This was in 1979 an now she has 3 solo albums on the market.

Enough talk, now for the videos and the guitars shows that are perfect for a guitar-addicts like me.

This is the video that triggered my wish to write to you all about her. It is a simple duet with another young guitarist by the name of  Sadie Johnson. Samantha Fish claims to be a "Tele-Girl", meaning her home-guitar is the Fender Telecaster, of which in this video she has her customized version called the  "Fish-o-caster" made by Delaney. Just sit back and enjoy the relaxed rhythmic picking.

*** CLICK HERE for this video - "Black Cat Bone"

In this second video, Samantha demonstrates her expert mastering of an "oil-can" guitar with the bottleneck. It is amazing!!

*** CLICK HERE for this video - "Gone for Good"

Samantha is far from being an anonymous young guitarist and this next video has well over a million views. It is her interpretation of  "Put a Spell on You".

*** CLICK HERE for this video

If you like energy then here comes Samantha at just 22 years old, with one of her first hits called "Runaway"

*** CLICK HERE for this video

In this official clip, Samantha showcases her talent as a singer. It is important to check this out!

*** CLICK HERE for this video

Not tired yet ? Well, check out this full concert at Boca Raton in Florida, USA.

*** CLICK HERE for this video

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