Friday, September 16, 2016


CBBlues fans are in for a great new season of high quality musical talent at all of the social events!
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COSTA BLANCA BLUES will launch it's BACK TO THE BONE * Acoustic Roots Music Revival Concerts - this OCTOBER 7TH and every First Friday of the Month - till end of the season!!

"Our Sunday Socials are great fun but they are big band and party action with blues songs ranging from Chicago to British styles," explain organiser Karla Darocas.

"I want to also showcase the acoustic talents that are the true revivalists; the roots performers who are dedicated to keeping the old songs and styles alive!", she continues.

Together with her music director, Blues entertainer Buddy Paul - the Back to the Bone - concert series was born.

"For the launch, I wanted performers who were extremely talented and solid entertainers," explains Karla, who has been a dedicated blues and roots music fan and journalist since the early 70's.

There is no one on the scene more devoted than the roots musical duo of Sara Gee and Ramblin' Matt. With 4 album under their belts, these talents will be representing Spain in the 2016 edition of the Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards, to be celebrated in Jefferson, Texas in mid-October.

Together with Buddy Paul, these musicians will be sharing a Selection of Vintage Delta Blues and Early Mountain Hillbilly Songs from Beginning of the XX Century to the 1940's!!

No strangers to the Roots Revival music scene, Matt has attended roots revival festivals in the USA and UK. Sara got her chops by performing vintage blues and country in Formentera. These are Spanish musicians and yet they have an extreme attraction to the old Americana & British music styles.

Both Sara and Matt are from Valencia, but are now living in Denia. Matt spent 20 years between USA, UK and Zanzibar and Sara has been in Formentera 7 years also playing music. They met in May 2013 and they have lived together and played together ever since, and they plan is to keep on doing it until their last breath.

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"Old lyrics enable me to put myself in the shoes of those old performers, songsters that made a living from their music, always running here and there...just like myself ," chuckles the revivalist songster / performer.

He continues, "Sara draws her inspiration from Blues women like Bessie Smith or Memphis Minnie, and also from Hank Williams."

BACK TO THE BONE promises to be a trip back to the past where songs were crafted and performers were one with their instruments. It's going to be a real journey into the heart of emotional songs that don't die!

"Due to past life antics and a hazardous life and travels,  I have internalized The Blues thereby making it a part of myself, explains Ramblin' Matt.

"The Blues, it's like my very own Prozac; it keeps me balanced."

Like all music fans who appreciate the vintage genres, Matt admits, "I like very much the tale songs of the first songsters, about dodgy characters and bar room stories."

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