Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Costa Blanca Blues, the one and only blues music appreciation group on the coast, launched its 5th season with a spectacular reunion of the best blues harmonica performers in an intimate yet ultimate showdown that was powerful and exciting.

CBBlues music director Buddy Paul pulled together many of the musical guests from last season and the 2nd Annual Harp Attack - Dueling Harmonica Show - went off with a ton of energy.

A very warm thank you to all the musicians who came in from all corners. 

We had harp player extraordinaire Little Fonzi who hails from Benidorm. The Valencian king of the blues harp, Danny Boy was down from Valencia city. Daniel Tena who really puts a lot of lung into his harmonica was also here from the big city of Valencia. And of course Buddy Paul who has come a great distance in the blues harp ranking and I would say has reached Master status.

Peter Murphy was here all the way from the UK. We were afraid that he could make it as he was ill earlier in the year, however, the knowledge that he was to perform at the 2nd Annual Harp Attack got him better again!!

Keeping the musical melodies on the right track was new comer Jon Knox from Altea, who proved to be not only a monster guitarman but a super showman and good sport!

Back beats were kept in order by our favourite standby drummer from Oliva - Alvaro Diez and on base guitar is our long time CBBlues friend - Mr. Brad Marriner.

During the show, I had a lovely woman come up to me and state that she was so happy and the music made her want to dance. Another gentleman, who drove a long way to be with us, now that is a blues fan, said that he felt like "crying with happiness" when he heard good blues.

The feedback has been fantastic from this event and everyone wants a 3rd Annual Harp Attack next September 2017 - So - I guess we will BLOW IT UP again!!

Enjoy the photos and I will be posting more videos to the CBBlues YouTube Channel but here is one to get you revved up!! 


Thank you to all of our devoted CBBlues Fans and Friends who appreciate and celebrate with us each and every time!!

Karla Darocas, editor

BUDDY PAUL - I can't hear you... Got your Mojo Workin?

Danny Boy bringing the music to the people

Fun time with the tshirts

Danny Boy serenading the dancers

Jon Knox goes wild with boa

Buddy Paul having a blast

Daniel Tena showing his mighty mouth organ

Little Fonzi looking relaxed

Peter Murphy blowing his blues and feeling the spirit

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  1. Was a wonderfull afternoon of blues and Rock´n´Roll xxx Lobster of the Island


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