Sunday, September 25, 2016


THE FALL SEASON OF CROSSROADS got off to a great start on Saturday morning (September 2016).

Most of the regular CrossRoaders were on hand and they brought their friends too. It was a very large and exciting crowd with a lot of talent in the mix. We had performers from UK, America, Australia and Spain - plus me being Canadian, however I lost my spoken word piece so could not perform!

There was a great support from all in attendance and 20 plus stayed on for the community home-cooked lunch for more socialising and sharing. The improvement on issues of shyness with some members has really soared. You cannot believe they are the same people who joined us 2 years ago!! Music does have the power to transform minds and souls and the CrossRoads monthly community events are the perfect environment for this blooming of talents.

I baked a Canadian-style coffee cake for all the guests with carrots, walnuts and lots of cinnamon - not too much sugar! It turned out to be hit - so I guess it will become tradition too. There is something to hosting a coffee morning with coffee cake as the bonus.

Buddy Paul, our music director was in good form and spirits considering the fact that he was working and making music till late the night before!! What a professional. He never misses a beat and he loves his CrossRoaders!!

I was clicking away with my camera -  as usual - and went for some humanism poses / photos using my favourite folks = the CrossRoaders.

See you all Next Month xx
Karla Darocas,


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time! Well done Karla x
    Lobster of the island x

  2. Hi Karla , many many thanks to you and Paul ,so great ,and informal we had a great time ,the cake was very nice too ,,I will bring the mint sauce next time .Our freind s Brian he played the drum box and his wife thought the event was brilliant , cheers Dave

    1. Hey Dave - you were brilliant as always!! Big hugz. Karla

  3. Just awesome Karla how you have evolved these events, thanks for all the work you do. The people are so nice. Really enjoy Crossroads xxx

    1. I really felt the love in the room. And it flowed with creative energy. You know it and you shine in that room. Bless. I seek the light too. I shine in other ways with my creative knowledge. Boom. Right?


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